GOP Congressman Peter King: Even If the Debate Is a Tie, Trump Still Wins

HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — Rep. Peter King (R-NY) is confident that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will win the debate, even if his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton manages to do just as well.

In a brief interview with Independent Journal Review, King said he “would much rather be in Trump’s position right now,” adding:

“I think the polls are starting to go — the momentum is going his way. I mean, he was down by eight points a few weeks ago. People were actually asking whether or not he was for real or not and was he gonna stay in the race and the answer is clearly he was — is.”

King, who has been one of Trump’s ardent supporters in Congress, said that Trump should strive to remain calm and show poise:

“And so to me, the real challenge is for him to show leadership, to show temperament and if he does that, I think it’s gonna go his way — even if it ends up being a tie, if they both do well, he’s gonna win.”

Both Trump and the Republican Party have been actively downplaying the billionaire candidate’s expectations in an attempt to give him the post-debate advantage from the talking heads.

Sean Spicer, the chief spokesman for the Republican National Committee, circulated a memo last week to prop up Clinton’s expectations that “stem from ample experience.” The memo added that because Trump has spent his life in the business world, the often stiff presidential debates are a foreign concept.

“Few are expecting the same level of polish from a verbal gunslinger whose rhetorical strength is speaking to the heart – and the gut – of the American people.”

If Trump can present himself in a presidential demeanor, then he will emerge the victor, according to King.

“People want change, they have questions about him,” King said. “If he can answer those questions tonight he wins.”

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