GOP Lawmakers Knock Down ‘Partisan Whistleblower’ Complaint Against Trump: Dems Are ‘All Spun Up’

Leah Millis/Reuters

Republican lawmakers are coming to President Donald Trump’s defense after new details reported claim that the president had pressured the Ukranian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden (D).

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal and other U.S. media outlets, the conversation occurred during a July phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, where the president roughly eight times pressured Ukraine’s president to look into Biden and Biden’s son, Hunter, as IJR reported.

A classified whistleblower filed a complaint on September 12. This has sparked outrage from Democrats.

Trump, however, pushed back against the complaint saying on Friday, “It’s a partisan whistleblower. They shouldn’t even have information. I’ve had conversations with many leaders. They’re always appropriate.”

“This behavior is particularly abhorrent because it exploits the foreign policy of our country and undermines our national security for political purposes,” Biden said in response to the report. He continued:

“It means that he used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation—a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia—pushing Ukraine to subvert the rule of law in the express hope of extracting a political favor.

[…] At minimum, Donald Trump should immediately release the transcript of the call in question, so that the American people can judge for themselves, and direct the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to stop stonewalling and release the whistleblower notification to the Congress.”

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro — a 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful — also blasted Trump as a “criminal” and said the president “must be impeached immediately.”

“I would absolutely urge this whistleblower to go directly to Congress, whether in closed session or in open session,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said.

However, some Republicans are coming to the president’s defense.

“It’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before: Democrats come out, they’re all spun up, Adam Schiff makes all kinds of statements, and then when the facts come out, whoa, different story!” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said, according to The Washington Post.

Additionally, Jordan said the allegations “[seem] to be the same kind of deal” as the allegations that Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said, “It would have a real chilling effect on dialogue between important leaders if they think that every time someone who overhears a conversation that wasn’t even party to the conversation is going to file a whistleblower complaint and it’ll end up on the front page of periodicals across the country.”

Republican lawmakers were slow to criticize the president over the complaint, but a few shared some concerns over it.

“I think it would be wildly inappropriate for an American president to invite a foreign country’s leader to get engaged in an American presidential election,” Sen. Patrick Toomey (R-Penn.) told the Post, adding, “That strikes me as entirely inappropriate.”

Toomey later added that he’s “not acknowledging or alleging the president did that.”

The whistleblower complaint has resulted in three House committees, who will look into whether the president tried to have Ukraine aid in his reelection campaign and attack Biden — a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary race — as well as it being a national security threat.

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Qaz Wiz

while republicans and democrats both have multimillionaires in office, there are way more NEW millionaires in the democrat party than the republicans undoubtedly because, like Our Esteemed President, they came to politics not to BECOME rich (use office for gain) but to keep what years of honest work earned them

Linda K

Seems to me that many of those that get government positions end of being multi-millionaires after a while. Look at Obama buying a $15 million dollar house in Martha’s Vineyard. Hillary buying all the expensive houses she has. Hillary’s daughter buying a place worth millions. Something is happening to our government and keeps happening with all these people coming out of office with millions and millions of dollars. What have they sold that is not theirs to sell to get this money . The soul of America is being sold down the river. And no one is indicted and sent… Read more »

Mark Simmons

“This has sparked outrage from Democrats.”

So, it’s okay for Democrats to investigate the President, outside of law enforcement, even when no specific crimes are indicated. But it’s off limits to request the proper law enforcement authorities investigate specific crimes when it involves a Democrat.


Oh the HYPOCRISY of it all……. dam sickening!!!!


This is not a “whistle blower”, this is the actions of a spy in the White House who is working for the Democrats. This spy must be detained, charged, and put in prison! Enough with the Obama hold overs tossing monkey wrenches in the machinery of this administration! Time to fight back and fire every last hold over, regardless of performance, and hire loyal replacement staff that will work for the American people, and not for the Democrats.

Wanda Herbert
Wanda Herbert

Seems to me the interest should be did Biden threaten to withhold monies, I believe somewhere in the neighborhood of a Billion dollars, if the Ukraine did fire a Ukrainian lawmaker while he was Vice President. That allegation has been going around for some time, long before Biden dropped his hat in the Presidential candidate ring. This allegation needs to be resolved BEFORE he becomes a candidate for any party. If the allegation is true , then voters need to know. The allegation against Joe Biden and his son related to China needs to be resolved before Joe Biden goes… Read more »

Carolyn Toms
Carolyn Toms

Democratic BS as usual.


Biden publicly bragged about causing the ouster of a Ukrainian prosecutor as Vice President by threatening to interfere with foreign aid.. Let’s also remember that his coke-head, brother’s widow-marrying son ran a hedge fund which received $1 billion dollars from the PRC.

Emolument by relation? Hmm.





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