GOP Refuses to Be Intimidated After Its Michigan Headquarters Was Vandalized With an Anti-ICE Message


The leaders of the Michigan Republican Party have vowed to stand strong after their headquarters was vandalized over the weekend.

According to state GOP chair Laura Cox, they were targeted due to her past as an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent. Party officials found “f**k ICE” graffitied on the side of the building Saturday evening. However, Cox claimed that the group would not let the vandalization stop them.

“This criminal act by the radical left will not intimidate me or my staff. [Donald Trump] is working to fix the crisis at our border and this deserves serious discussion, not graffiti,” tweeted Cox.

In a statement to M Live, Michigan Republican Party Communications Director Tony Zammit claimed that many of the same policies were supported by former President Barack Obama, but received much less backlash.

“Many of the policies being pursed [sic] by federal government were being pursued by (former President Barack) Obama as well, and this type of violence and was not used,” said Zammit.

He stated that while the vandal was caught on camera, police cannot identify him through the security footage and are still looking for information.

“We’re left cleaning up another liberal mess,” Zammit said.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel also spoke out against the vandalization, saying that the act was pointless and people should use their energy to fix the real issue of immigration.

“Instead of senseless vandalism and rhetoric comparing ICE detention facilities to concentration camps, Democrats should work to secure our border and fix our broken system,” McDaniel wrote Sunday.

As IJR Red noted, Democrats have been extremely critical of the Republican Party on the topic of immigration. Many have called for the abolition of ICE, despite the work that the agency does to protect the country. President Trump tweeted on Sunday that he was willing to work with Democrats, but it is uncertain if they will accept his offer.

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There are – obviously – those on the Left with no desire to or interest in cleaning up the immigration mess at the Southern border and even fewer with the basic intelligence to know where or how to start. By sitting on their hands and doing NOTHING while receiving a salary for a job they have no interest in performing is not an option. The 2020 elections should be a wake-up call for all decent, law-abiding American voters in which EVERY candidate with a (D) behind their name should be eliminated as a possibility for the office they seek. Let’s… Read more »





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