GOP Rep Calls on Congress to Divert Billions of ‘El Chapo’s’ Drug Funds to Help Construct Border Wall

When it comes to constructing a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, one GOP member of Congress is offering a suggestion on how to get the funds for it.

Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.) wrote a Fox News op-ed published on Tuesday in which he suggested that Congress divert the funds made by Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera to help secure the U.S. southern border.

El Chapo is a convicted drug lord who will be sentenced on Tuesday to a lifetime in prison after smuggling loads of drugs into the U.S. and being found guilty in February on 10 counts.

“It’s time to put his confiscated assets to work building a wall at the southern border with Mexico,” Buchanan said.

Jane Rosenberg/Reuters

The Republican lawmaker’s remarks come as the southern border sees a continued surge of migrants, leaving Democrats in Congress butting heads with President Donald Trump over additional funds as border services’ funds are running low.

When questioning where the drug money will go, roughly $14 billion, once El Chapo is in prison, Buchanan looks to Congress to pass the “El Chapo Act”  — a proposal initially introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). This would “divert billions of dollars’ worth of his seized assets for a much-needed purpose — to help secure the Southern border.”

“With the end of El Chapo’s reign of wreaking havoc on the American and Mexican people, we have a real opportunity to use his assets to save lives,” Buchanan said. “Time for Congress to get the El CHAPO Act to President Trump’s desk.”

Buchanan’s call comes after Cruz told IJR in February that after proposing the El Chapo Act, he discussed it with Trump, who “has said that he’s strongly supportive.”

Cruz said the “elegant solution” is to “use El Chapo’s ill-gotten gains, that he got by crossing the border illegally, trafficking narcotics into this country, and to use those billions to pay for preventing future narco-traffickers or human traffickers from continuing to cross the border illegally.”


  1. I dont think its safe to mess around with the sinaloa cartel and its against the law taking someones money without their permission or without his knollege “its just not your money so dont steal it”

  2. Showboating! He knows that Democrats will not approve that. He’s just virtue signaling. That battle was lost in 2018 thanks to ignorant suburban white women.

  3. Considering the fact that Guzman has made money off the addiction of Americans, I can’t think of a better use of the money

  4. I meant to say dems aill spend the money for reparations to illegals. We’re responsible for the pitiful life they’ve had to endure. It’s mexican money. So it should be spent on mexicans. Now i know some illegals have made a good life for themselves. Im not talking about you.

    1. Use it for a wall before Don uses it for more farm welfare or for himself for tax breaks for developers.

  5. The dems qill use it for reparations for the treatment we’ve inflicted on them. It’s Mexican money so spend it on illegals.

  6. If the Democrats get ahold of that money they’ll spend it on illegals. Make reparations because we’re responsible for their miserable life here.

  7. My main man Vern! All seized drug money should be put to good use, but with the present Congress salivating like Pavlov’s dogs for every dime they can get their paws on, I doubt the American public will see much benefit from it as graft and waste continue.

  8. This makes perfect sense, therefore the Demrats and RINOs will oppose it. ACS is in short supply in Wash. D.C.

  9. Exactly what should be used to construct the wall! A Mexican which abused it ! Where would the money go elsewhere…in the pickets of those who serve us! No way! Build the wall!

  10. Excellent idea, Congressman. Past time there was a thinking, working politician in the House since there’s been no evidence of human life there – as we know it – since January 2017..

    1. Everyone knows the logical solution to the border crisis would be to confiscate el Chapos dinero.But i doubt the democraps will go for it as that would mean Trump found a way to get the wall built and Mexico would be paying for it!

  11. Great idea. El Chapo made his money off the American people and criminal enterprise.

    Let’s have it do some good before another criminal enterprise tries to buy votes with it.

  12. Dems will never go for this as it seems to put their need to use those funds for their own chicanery after the needs of the public which elected them.

  13. That’s what They do here. Give it to where it’s needed. Like paying the police more $$

    1. The police get paid well enough. The cynical side of me thinks that police shouldn’t get paid from money that they confiscate, but I’m all for using it to lower the local tax load, like putting it into roads or schools. Any monies that police legitimately confiscate should go to the people who fund the department.

  14. Absolutely the smartest solution yet! That’s what they do here.. they confiscate the drug $$ and properties. Why should it get left around for the slime politicians to get hold of it!?

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