GOP Rep Lights a Fire to ‘Waste of Time’ Cohen Hearing: ‘Another Political Game’ to Discredit POTUS

Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee continues to be a fiery one as Republicans explode on him, with Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.Va.) becoming the latest to slam the “media circus” as a “waste of time.”

From GOP Ranking Member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) denouncing the hearing for the “convicted perjurer” to Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) calling Cohen a “pathological liar,” there’s no shortage of criticism toward the former personal attorney to President Donald Trump.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Cohen testified that he lied to Congress to benefit Trump in front of the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, but the West Virginia representative said the “sole purpose” of the hearing is to discredit Trump.

“I am very disappointed to have you in front of this committee today,” Miller said.

“Quite frankly, this isn’t the reason the people of West Virginia sent me to Congress. I find this hearing not in the best interest of the American people. This is another political game with the sole purpose of discrediting the president.”

“How can we believe anything you’re saying?” Miller later asked. “The answer is, we can’t.”

Miller continued to show her distaste toward the hearing as she noted to House Oversight chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) that “we’ve canceled hearings on child separation and on other issues that are close to my heart for this media circus.”

“What a waste of time and money for a man who has gladly exploited the name of the president to promote his own name and fill his own pockets. It pains me that we are sitting here adding another chapter to his book.”

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While Miller slammed the hearing for allegedly attempting to discredit Trump, Cohen claimed there is a confidential “illegal act” on the president that is “being investigated right now by the Southern District of New York, and I’ve been asked by them not to discuss it, not to talk about these issues,” as IJR Blue pointed out.


  1. ….and Cohen can forget about any chance for a presidential pardon.

  2. Where was Hillary, in all of this?
    It all started, with the phony dossier, funded by the Hillary campaign.
    Typical Democrat gutter dwellers. Deflect and put the blame, on everyone else.
    Wake up America.

    1. “It all started, with the phony dossier, funded by the Hillary campaign.” Al Zabel

      The Steele dossier was NOT all started with the Clinton campaign.

      The Steele document was started during Trump’s Republican nomination campaign by a conservative web site (Washington Free Beacon), to create opportunity research against him. After he won the nomination, the Republicans abandoned it.

      1. Rocky, you’re absolutely wrong as usual! The payment to Perkins Cohe (who were the money launderers in this scheme) was compliments of the DNC and the Hillary campaign. Yes, when scumbag McCain saw this as an opportunity to disgrace Trump, he was all in (like the MF’er was with Democrats the majority of the time) You need to quit believing the fake news media!

        1. WHC, you beat me to it. Rockhead is operating from his state of delusion and distortions.

          The Washington Free Beacon initially retained Fusion GPS to provide research on MULTIPLE Republican candidates in the primaries. They neither funded nor had knowledge of the Steele Dossier, which came AFTER they parted ways with Fusion GPS. The dossier was never vetted, BUT it was funded by the Clinton campaign and DNC.

          Sources like CNBC, Politico, and the Washington Post all concur on this.

    2. I stand by what I wrote, except to add that the Beacon went after other Republican candidates, too, not just Trump.

      According to Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti and chair Michael Goldfarb, the firm was engaged early in the 2016 cycle “to provide research on multiple candidates in the Republican presidential primary.” They take credit for getting this ball rolling.

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