GOP Sen. Bob Corker: Trump’s Conduct ‘Hurts Our Country’

“I speak out because, yes, I do think there’s a cost…”

Bob Corker
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

With Sen. Bob Corker’s (R-Tenn.) retirement just around the corner, the Republican senator is taking the opportunity to once again speak more openly about President Donald Trump.

Corker praised some of Trump’s policies in a new interview with John Dickerson of “CBS This Morning,” but the senator had less praise to give for the way Trump conducts himself.

“Obviously, I am a Republican. I love the number of judges that have been confirmed,” Corker said. “But I think what the, where the president hurts himself and hurts our country, is his own personal conduct.”

Corker also expressed his belief that Trump is purposefully divisive, saying that is is “self-evident” in Trump’s behavior.

“I speak out because, yes, I do think there’s a cost,” he said. “I think there’s a cost to our young people throughout the country. I think there’s a cost to just the way people are relating to each other.”

Despite his looming retirement, Corker’s criticism of Trump has chilled in recent months. The Tennessee senator engaged in a protracted Twitter feud with the president following news of his retirement — and scathing comments he made about Trump following his decision to not seek re-election.

Trump responded by lashing out at Corker on Twitter, claiming that the senator had only decided against re-election because Trump declined to endorse him.

Corker didn’t pull any punches in his response. “It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center,” he tweeted that day. “Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

Though Corker and Trump have maintained some semblance of a working relationship since then, the senator has still spoken of the Trump administration with more openness than some of his Republican colleagues. In response to a statement defending Saudi Arabia shortly after the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Corker accused the White House of working “as a public relations firm for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.”

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Karen Giampe

Speaking as a constituent, STFU CORKER!!!!! Quit your damned whining and bit**ing and go TF home and sit on your porch, or wherever. And the sooner, the BETTER.
If you weren’t such a spineless weasel never-Trumper you may have been able to run again, although your lack of spine for the years 2008-2016 would have probably doomed you anyway. I know that MANY, MANY Tennesseans cannot wait until your last day arrives.

Sam Dorman

It’s an interesting trade-off. I think a lot of conservatives think what Corker said — there’s a cost to Trump’s personal antics — but they think it’s not that bad or that his policy achievements outweigh the negatives. Both Corker and Flake seem to be genuine ( rather than just trying to posture for retirement. Seems like they would have a bigger incentive to keep their mouths shut and yet, they speak out.

Madison Dibble

It doesn’t look like there is any love lost between these two.





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