GOP Lawmakers Storm, Shut Down House Impeachment Proceedings

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper, the Pentagon official in charge of Ukraine and Russia policy, arrives to testify at a closed-door deposition as part of the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry into U.S. President Trump led by the House Intelligence, House Foreign Affairs and House Oversight and Reform Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., October 23, 2019. REUTERS/Carlos Jasso?

House Republicans irate about the ongoing impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump stormed the secure rooms on Capitol Hill where depositions were due to be taken Wednesday morning, delaying the proceedings and forcing a showdown with Democrats in charge of the investigation.

As of mid-day, between 15 and 20 Republican lawmakers who are not on the committees leading the inquiry were still inside the so-called Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF, in the basement of the Capitol. One observer reported that snacks were being delivered to the holdouts.

Democrats in charge of the hearings, among them House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff of California, threatened the GOP interlopers with ethics violations for bringing mobile phones into the highly secure area — a major breach of House rules.

The stunt, led by House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, comes just days after Trump called on Republican lawmakers to “get tough and fight” against what he has assailed as a “witch hunt.” It’s also one day after some of the most damning testimony yet in the inquiry. Tuesday, the current ambassador to Ukraine confirmed that Trump held up military aid to that country until officials there agreed to open an investigation against Joe Biden and other Democrats.

Republicans leading the charge want the impeachment proceedings to be more transparent and open. They have acknowledged that conducting the depositions of key witnesses behind closed doors is consistent with House rules but believe the closed-door nature of them is unfair to the President and his supporters.

Before the intrusion, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper appeared for testimony. As of mid-day, it remained unclear when and how the proceedings would continue.

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The business of impeaching a president is serious business. It has historic precedent and procedures, none of which are being upheld.

If Nancy Pelosi and the Dims are serious about this then they should treat this as such with full transparency AND open hearings AND a vote.


Phoenix, Sorry, I’ve been doing other things not IJR. “– alllll without my knowledge or ability to bring forward witnesses who will speak on my behalf. ” That’s the crux of the matter AND you are a private citizen. Now consider that the president and Congress are our nominal employees. Why aren’t they being completely transparent in the proceedings? The “protect the whistleblower” excuse does not work, since he/she/xer MUST testify if this goes to the Senate. Why did Rep. Schiff, who bragged for months about having solid evidence of Russian collusion, lie about knowing or coaching the whistleblower? Also… Read more »


so idiotic

Tery Gohsman

We really need to have some qualifications to run for public office. This kindergarten bs is getting out of hand. We have a president who either doesn’t or can’t read/comprehend the constitution and representatives that evidently didn’t realize their rule changes would affect them as well as the democrats. Come on now,,,really?

Dave Hardesty

Just more media lies. As I suspected the room is NOT a SCIF. I have been in many SCIFs, maintained them and supervised their construction. What is shown in the videos and photos is NOT a SCIF. You can easily tell by looking at the door and the seal around the door. Also, the door is not RF proof. In a true SCIF no RF can get in and no RF can get out. You also have to sign in and sign out of a SCIF. The senior person using the SCIF is also responsible for insuring the people in… Read more »

General Confusion

And now an IJR PSA brought to you by sane people in America.

If you really want to allow everyone to read your important replies, don’t post more than one per comment. If you do, NOBODY can read any of them and you will have silenced another member.

Wanna try again?

Tom Bodine

New twist in DC Republicans with balls.

Betsy Lawson

The author of this article used the words, “stunt” and “intrusion”. No, who is performing a stunt is Adam Schiff and his cronies. I’m looking forward to the day that Schiff and a few others are demanding to be treated fairly, have no access to cross examination among other things. Dems will be screaming how unfair the process is…oh well, you made the bed, you lay in it. Note to the author: I’m sure you can write for Salon or The Daily Beast…both completely pro Dem and bottom rung.





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