GOP Group Calls on Time Magazine to Honor Parkland Hero as ‘Person of the Year’ Over Mueller, Dr. Ford

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A conservative activist group GOP Action has been working to catch Time Magazine’s eye in hopes that they will reconsider their shortlist for their annual “Person of the Year” contest.

Time Magazine announced their shortlist Monday morning, which included mostly political figures.

Their finalists are:

Time chose to honor the survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting by including the “March for Our Lives” organizers, but GOP action claims there is one particular hero from Stoneman Douglas High School that should have been honored.

They’ve created a petition to get Time Magazine to honor Peter Wang, a student who gave his life in order to allow other students to escape the gunfire.

GOP Action wrote of their campaign:

“Peter Wang was killed during the Parkland shooting while holding a door open for dozens of his classmates to escape. Peter’s dream was to serve his country as a soldier.

However, Peter has not make [sic] TIME’s Person of the Year shortlist. People like Dr. Ford, ‘separated families,’ Vladimir Putin, and the March for Our Lives Activists did.”

The petition to have Wang included in the list has gotten quite a bit of attention on Twitter.

This isn’t the only honor people have been pushing for Wang to receive. Several of his former classmates have called on President Trump to consider Wang for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Although it is unlikely that Time will adjust their list to include Wang, it is clear that he is a hero and should be honored as such.

As IJR previously reported, Wang was awarded the JROTC Medal of Heroism for his actions.

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Anybody who has gone to the doctor in the last 15-20 years has noticed just how thin Time Magazine has become. Lack of advertising due to lack of readership. Also, who has EVER seen a Time Magazine ANYWHERE other than a doctor’s office? Who has a friend or acquaintance that actually admits to reading Time online?


Peter Wang is an excellent choice. I highly recommend his name to be submitted. I was a member of my HSROTC program and loved every minute of it. His sacrifice so that others may live should be honored.


People seem to misunderstand what the issue of Time is supposed to signify. The magazine says it features and profiles a person, a group, an idea, or an object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”.

Peter Wang was undoubtedly a hero, but that isn’t the measure in which Time uses to select their person of the year.

Sam Dorman

I think it will ultimately be Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. She’s become such an icon for progressives. The Parkland movement has basically fizzled out after the beginning of the year and their impact on the midterms seemed to be ineffectual.

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