‘You Gotta Try to Speak to Everyone’: Don Jr. on His Decision to Go on ‘The View’

After a fiery exchange on ABC’s “The View,” on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. made an appearance on Fox News that night to explain why he decided to go on the show.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity asked him, “Why? Why did you even bother?” to go on “The View.” Trump responded, “Sometimes, you gotta try.”

“You know what, everyone once in a while you gotta try. You gotta try to speak to everyone. Hopefully, they listen; in that case, they didn’t.”

Watch the exchange below:

Trump went on “The View” to discuss his recently released book “Triggered,” but the segment quickly turned into a shouting match after Trump accused co-host Joy Behar of wearing black-face, as IJR has previously reported.

After the accusations of black-face and conversation about President Donald Trump’s attacks on his critics, the co-hosts never asked Trump Jr. about his new book, as some spectators pointed out on Twitter.

Referencing the lack of questions about his book, Trump said, “You would think if you’re invited on a show, and they build it up, and they’re giving you three segments, you’d think if you’re there to promote a book, they’d ask you one question about the actual book, Sean, but they didn’t do that.”

Trump added that he doesn’t think the co-hosts like him anymore, “They were obviously triggered, I don’t think they like me very much.”

Hannity said that the last time he went on the show it descended on into “chaos.” He added that he thinks the next year is going to be a “war every day to destroy you, your family, your dad with lies.”

Trump agreed and blasted the media for not showing more concern following threats to his family, “I wish they would have shown a little bit of same amount of outrage when my family opened up a white powder substance in an exploding envelope that showed up at my house.”

Referencing the outrage ensued after he shared the supposed name of the whistleblower on Twitter, Trump accused the media of feigning concern for the whistleblower’s safety.

“They’re not outraged that he was outed. They’re outraged that now that his name is out there, everyone’s able to realize that this is a guy that’s tied to Brennan, this is a guy that’s tied to Susan Rice, this is a guy that worked for Biden with the Ukraine nonsense.”

He continued saying, “This is just a joke, and they realize they got caught in the act again cause they wanted this innocent, public servant, whistleblower who’s doing the right thing. Instead of just another one of the coup cabal of those clowns that have been doing this for three years.”

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