Gowdy Slams Comey’s Request for an Apology After IG Report Shows He Leaked Documents to Harm Trump

Former Congressman Trey Gowdy highlighted his disgust with former FBI Director James Comey’s request for an apology after an investigation revealed he leaked information.

Last week, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) inspector general completed an investigation into Comey and found that he had leaked memos to a third party which were published by the New York Times due to his political animosity against President Donald Trump.

Despite the fact that the report concluded he had leaked information, the inspector general did not recommend charges against Comey. Following the report’s release, Comey celebrated on Twitter and called for an apology from anyone who called him a “liar and a leaker,” as IJR previously reported.

During an interview on “America’s Newsroom,” Gowdy gave a step-by-step analysis of exactly why Comey will never be getting an apology from him.

Watch Gowdy’s explanation:

“This is who you would be apologizing to: someone who violated FBI and DOJ policy, violated the terms of his employment agreement, divulged the existence of an investigation — which is a big no-no —, transmitted classified information, and then when the FBI came to his house after he was fired, [he] had amnesia. That’s the person.

“And oh, by the way, this is not the first time Jim Comey was dinged by the inspector general. Remember, he was dinged in the Clinton investigation because Comey plays by his own set of rules. He is zero for two, and the two major investigations he had in 2016 violated almost everything you can think of except a criminal statute, and that’s the guy that wants you to apologize to him?”

Gowdy said he doesn’t know a “bigger Trump critic in the United States than Jim Comey,” and said he doesn’t fault President Trump for refusing to give him information throughout his campaign and the early days of his presidency.


  1. Poor phoney Comey. So mal-used and slandered. If not prosecuted he should thank his lucky stars and simply fade away.

  2. Comey should be packing a few personal essentials for his upcoming trip to prison. His time as a free man is getting shorter by the day.

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