Gowdy Roasts Swalwell’s 2020 Bid and ‘Off the Rails’ Pelosi as Dems Trash Barr After Mueller Report

During an interview with Fox News on Thursday, former congressman Trey Gowdy criticized Democrats for slamming Attorney General William Barr’s handling of the Mueller report.

Host Martha MacCallum played a series of clips for Gowdy of various lawmakers speaking out against Barr. Gowdy responded saying that it seemed like many were doing it for attention, pointing specifically to 2020 presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.).

Watch Swalwell’s comments below:

“I think that last voice was Eric Swalwell’s and for your viewers that don’t know who that is, that’s a member of the Judiciary committee and Intelligence committee from California, he’s running for president, which I’m sure none of your viewers are familiar with and they won’t be a year from now,” Gowdy said. “So he’s trying to get attention.”

He also pointed out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent comments about the attorney general. As IJR Blue previously reported, Pelosi claimed that Barr’s report would “undermine our Constitution,” also saying that his insinuations of spying showed that he was “going off the rails.”

“Nancy Pelosi said that Barr was off the rails, if anyone in the country would understand being off the rails, it would be Speaker Pelosi,” Gowdy said. “This is a guy who was voice voted by the Senate. Democrats loved him.”


Gowdy also claimed that Democrats originally approved of Barr as attorney general, but quickly changed after he released his summary of the Mueller report.

“They thought he was an institutionalist, he was going to revive the Department of Justice,” said Gowdy. “What they don’t like is what he summarized in the Mueller report. That’s what they don’t like. No collusion and we decided there is no obstruction of justice.”

As IJR Red previously reported, Barr will release the redacted report by next week and has also said he would be reviewing the investigation for possible misconduct.


  1. SwelledHead is a loser, potential genocidal mass-murderer, and stupid. Gowdy is correct that he’s desperately seeking attention.

    If by some improbable fluke he wins the primaries, all one need do is paste up his tweet about nuking American citizens who disagree with him ABOUT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    It would be his Night of the Long Knives except with mushroom clouds. Maybe I’ll start calling him a self-styled “Duke Nuke’em”.

  2. The Dims are nothing if not fickle. ‘ First they loved Comey. Now not so much. Same for Mueller. Did anyone expect differently with Barr, who they confirmed sans Kavanagh theatrics?

  3. WHO is the “we” in “we decided there is no obstruction of justice”? Trey, Rosenstein and Barr made the decision?? Trey is suppose to be working at Nelson Mullins Law firm but the high powered law firm must not have much for him to do if he spends so much time taking softball questions on FOX. For a guy that claims to not like politics, Gowdy appears to not being able to stop playing the part of a politician.

  4. Gowdy was not asked and did not indicate how is knowledgeable of Swalwell’s MOTIVES. One is left to believe that he is projecting what his own motives were when he was a politician, instead of a talking head with unsubstantiated opinions.

  5. I find it odd that the Leftists are clamoring to see the full Mueller report because it directly concerns a Republican President now; but had violent, earth-shattering objections when Special Counsel Ken Starr wanted to release his report on Democrat Bill Clinton’s lecherous activities. How times change.

    1. LOL…I guess you missed the Nunes demand of DOJ to see the full unredacted report of investigation of Hillary Clinton email investigation including FBI 302’s. That was 2018. Times have changed R’s tune in 2019. But I do not find it surprising that you find it “odd”— Times have indeed changed. R’s were apoplectic over EO’s. Now they love them.

      1. The investigation of crooked HRC and her illegal email server is now heating up even more. I suggest you sign up for the Judicial Watch website and follow Tom Fitton (Pres. of JW) as he files numerous FOIA requests and dozens of lawsuits against HRC; something the DOJ has failed to do. JW has been investigating the criminal activities of HRC since Arkansas. BTW: HRC is now being blamed as the person responsible for Vince W. Foster’s death. Full details on other news sites.

        1. LOL…How many investigations of Vince Foster’s death do you need, James? First you had the DC police, then Robert Fiske, then Ken Starr. R’s find conspiracies entertaining, but they neglect to consider the feelings of the family, just as they did with the Seth Rich family. If you are looking for entertainment, check out a sitcom, read a book or go see a movie or play.

          1. As many investigations as it takes to disclose and punish the Clinton mob’s “misdeeds” (criminal activities over 40+ years). I find nothing amusing (LOL’s) when it becomes quite clear there is a two-tier judicial system here; one which exonerates the Clinton’s with minimal or no investigation; and, the second for the rest of the population. IMO, the Clintons and #44 belong in Federal prison – – and may just end up there in time.

          2. James, TAKE your EVIDENCE to your local law enforcement office. If they do not have the evidence upon which you are claiming criminal activity, they are NOT going to indict the Clintons. Whitewater, Foster’s suicide, Travelgate, were investigated in 3 separate investigations over 8 yrs! Best they could come up with was extra-marital affair. Benghazi was investigated for over 4 yrs. Conspiracies disproved. Uranium One investigated and no indictment! YOU have the evidence. Give it up!

    2. James, the witch hunt continues. They’ll see when everyone else in Congress does and use it to fuel their obsession.

      Trump is 100% correct in NOT releasing his tax returns. Why feed the enemy?

      1. Are you basing your assumption on the R’s history with Obama’s birth certificate?

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