Graham Tells ‘Crazy’ Dems They’ll Get Trump Reelected With Impeachment: Fighting Back Isn’t a ‘Cover-Up’

Fox News/YouTube

During an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) slammed suggestions that President Donald Trump is trying to cover up criminal behavior.

As IJR Blue previously reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the president of a “cover-up” ahead of a meeting on infrastructure. Graham slammed the suggestion, claiming that Pelosi is being pressured by her party to push the impeachment narrative.

“What’s unavoidable is that she’s gonna lose her job if she doesn’t embrace impeachment because the people she’s in charge of have lost their mind when it comes to Trump,” said Graham.

He also pointed out how extensive the Mueller report was and examples of Trump’s staff testifying for hours.

“A cover-up, remember Bob Mueller? Remember that guy?” said Graham. “The guy that everybody trusted, he’ll be fair to the country, he’ll be fair to the president. You’ve got 400 and something pages … Trump gave 1.4 million documents to the special counsel. His attorney White House counsel testified for 30 hours, his chief of staff went to testify in front of Mueller.”


He supported the president, claiming that Trump defending himself was not wrong and Democrats should stop using the Mueller report to support impeachment if they don’t want Trump to be reelected.

“What did Donald Trump cover up regarding Mueller? Nothing,” Graham said. “Now, if he’s fighting back against a bunch of crazy people trying to destroy his life, that is not covering anything up. The House Judiciary Committee is trying to retry the Mueller case. Mueller, to me, was the final word.”

As IJR Red reported, many Democrats are pushing for impeachment, while Pelosi is still attempting to stop them from moving forward. Graham claimed that this is the real cover-up, especially with it happening during the start of the 2020 election cycle.

“Here’s what I would see as being covered up — the division in the Democratic party,” said Graham.

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Jeff M
Jeff M

Well said, Lindsey. Why should obstructing a coup attempt be considered a crime?

Charles B. Walsh
Charles B. Walsh

Lindsey is so afraid of Trump that he is like a monkey tied to the musical instrument to play TRUMP’S tunes ! I WONDER kind of Senator he is today ? He can’t speak for himself? He can’t tell people what he really believes. .It so sicking to see a Senator” cowdown “, in front of this selfish who believes he is a Dictator who should call ALL THAT GOES ON AS IF HE IS almighty.

Tolowan Washte' We & Vernon

really and Truthfully the Democraps have done not one thing for the Country except help us learn they pulled off the scam about Russia and Trump won that battle! The democraps have backed socialism and the enemies of America…they will lose that battle too, they just want to keep Mr. Barr’s mind on something other than him remembering that the Voters want Warrants for the democraps who are Traitors, committed crimes against America and Americans, and those who have committed Treason! They think in doing and keeping all their BS going and NOT earning their paychecks they will not face… Read more »


Democrats have nothing else, just accusations. It’s their stock and trade. Democrat dirty tricks.

Matthew Jacobs

Yes …pursuing Impeachment puts Trump back in the White House…Why do you think Trump is pushing them to Impeachment


Democrats: Here is our plan to deal with immigration.
Republicans: That is good but we would like to add some of our ideas.
Democrats: So you don’t want to compromise.

Ray william
Ray william

If Graham had a brain he would be dangerous, All he does is suck up to Trump. He’s going to die and go to hell for sin

Susan Rogers

Trump is actually trying to get to the truth, it’s democrats who are obstructing justice and covering up. “Pencil neck” said it was un-American to investigate the FBI. So, democracts think the FBI should be allowed to operate like the KGB.

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