Graham Puts Democrats Clinging to Collusion Allegations on Blast: ‘They Just Can’t Take the Verdict’

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During an interview on Fox News, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) discussed the Mueller report and how it is important for Democrats to accept the conclusion instead of fighting the results.

Graham explained the process that is happening in order for the report to be released to Congress during the interview, walking through the steps that are needed before the report can legally be released.

“We cannot release grand jury information, cause that violates the law. So he’s going to check with Mr. Mueller to make sure that everything that is grand jury related is taken out of the report cause the law requires that. He’s going to go to the intelligence community to make sure that we don’t release classified information or sources and methods that may jeopardize our national security.”

When asked how long this would take, Graham was very positive, saying that he is hoping that the report will be ready sometime in April.

“He’s going to do all of that in weeks, not months, and he’s gonna turn it over to the committee, and then I think it’ll come to the Senate,” Graham said.

As IJR reported, many Democrats are pushing for the report to be released due to their lack of trust in Attorney General William Barr’s summary. However, Graham said that he believes the report will be very similar to the summary and that he trusts Mueller’s opinion.

“The bottom line is that Mueller has looked at this for two and a half years, he’s concluded that no one on the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians, and the facts regarding obstruction were insufficient for him to make a decision, therefore there is no way you could prosecute a case if the prosecutor is unsure.”

The lawmaker also pointed out that Democratic lawmakers seem to be desperate to find something to pin on President Trump.


"Every Democrat, including Senator Richard Blumenthal, said [Special Counsel Robert Mueller] is the perfect guy to do…

Posted by Fox News on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

“All I can say is my friends on the other side, that I stood behind Mueller,” said Graham. “Mueller was the right guy. I thought he was a man of great integrity, every Democrat, including Blumenthal, said he’s the perfect guy to do this. The verdict is now in. They just can’t take the verdict. It doesn’t fit the political narrative.”

After warning Democrats this was not the right strategy, Graham encouraged them to let the issue go and focus on better things.

“Here’s what I would ask my Democratic friends to do — let this go,” Graham said. “There is no grand conspiracy here.”

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