Lindsey Graham to Introduce Legislation to ‘Fix’ Asylum Laws: ‘I’m Tired of Talking About This Problem’

Fox News/YouTube

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is planning to tackle the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border by introducing a legislative package aimed at reworking asylum laws to mitigate the number of undocumented immigrants entering the country, he announced Sunday.

While appearing on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” with Maria Bartiromo, Graham — the senior senator from South Carolina and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee — said that he was “tired of talking” about the crisis at the border and that he wanted “to fix it” by tackling the problem head-on, legislatively.

To accomplish that goal, Graham announced that he will be introducing a legislative package aimed at fixing the United States’ asylum laws when the Senate returns from recess.

“The president has correctly identified the crisis at the border, now it’s time to have a legislative solution. You need to change our laws for this to stop, so I’ll be introducing a package — and hopefully with Democratic support — that will change our asylum laws.”

“Ninety percent of the people apply for asylum never make it, so the standard needs to change,” Graham added.

Watch the video here:

Graham brought up an issue with the 1997 case Flores v. Reno, which prevents any child that is being held in family centers by the U.S. government from being detained in the facilities for more than 20 days.

He also cited issues with a “cork” in immigration laws that make it so that “the only place that we can send a child back is to Mexico and Canada.”

The federal trafficking “cork” prevents the U.S. from sending children caught while illegally crossing the border to any country that does not share a physical border with America.

Graham additionally referred to the current immigration laws as “insane” and that “there is no way you’re going to stop the flow from Central America until you change our laws.”

The South Carolina Republican also said that the bill would be marked up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which Graham serves as the head of.

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File anything you want because the Democrats will never agree. They look upon illegals as a replacement for the blacks who are slowly realizing the Democrats have been screwing them with platitudes for decades.


The ONLY way to stop the flow of Illegal Aliens from Central America or any other sh**hole country is to BUILD A WALL (electrified) and back it up with heavily armed military forces from the Gulf to the Pacific. Problem solved.


If you’re tired of talking then what is this? To paraphrase a Left-sympathizing company who’s logo is a “swish”…..just do it. It’s what you ran on and why you were elected.

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