Graham Praises Law Enforcement as ‘Most Patriotic People’ While US-Mexico Border Hits ‘Breaking Point’

While law enforcement officials continue to be overwhelmed with the U.S.-Mexico border crisis, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is letting them know that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

At Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Kevin McAleenan is testifying, chair Graham is holding the hearing to discuss the “The Secure and Protect Act: a Legislative Fix to the Crisis at the Southwest Border.”

Prior to the hearing, Graham noted the Act would “fix loopholes in our asylum law,” as he is looking for a “more permanent, lasting fix” to the immigration crisis at the southern border.

As IJR Red previously dove further into, the senator’s new immigration legislation proposed in May would move asylum application outside of the U.S. into the migrants’ own country, extend the detention period for families for more time for the legal processing, and add 500 additional immigration judges.

During his opening statement, Graham mirrored a call by border officials that “we’ve reached the breaking point at the border.”

“The breaking point has long-passed at the border,” he added. “This is not sustainable. It’s not fair to those who wear the uniform of the United States Border Patrol, Health and Human Services, and all the other agencies.”

Watch the video below:

Additionally, the Republican congressman took a moment to praise law enforcement officials at the southern border.

“If you’re on the border, dealing with this problem, you are one of the most patriotic people in this country,” Graham said. “You’re not the problem.”

See Graham’s comments below:

“Last month we encountered a modern record of 144,000 border crossers, a record day of over 5,800 border crossings in a single 24-hour period and the largest single group ever apprehended at our border, 1,036 individuals,” McAleenan told the committee on Tuesday.

“In the last 40 days, 60,000 children have entered into DHS custody, both unaccompanied and as a part of family units,” the acting DHS secretary added.

Watch McAleenan’s comments below:

In the month of May alone, border officials apprehended 144,278 illegal immigrants in total, and lawmakers like Graham are looking for a solution.

The Senate is expected to vote on the president’s request next week for $4.5 billion for supplemental border funding.

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