Graham Rips Clintons as ‘Bottom of My List’ for Legal Advice as They Criticize Barr Over Mueller Report

The Clintons criticized Attorney General William Barr over his conclusion that President Donald Trump is exonerated from obstruction of justice, which has Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) saying he would never take advice from them.

During a Comedy Central segment with host Jordan Klepper, 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton read part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report, as IJR Blue reported.

The former first lady called the experience “cathartic” on Twitter.

During the segment, former President Bill Clinton slammed Barr’s summary of Mueller’s report as “not true” and claimed that the attorney general “misrepresented” it. Barr concluded that there was no obstruction, while Mueller did not conclude any collusion but didn’t fully exonerate Trump on obstruction.

“He should go to law school,” Hillary suggested in continued criticism of Barr.

The Clintons’ reactions caused Graham to break out in laughter on Fox News on Monday.

“Of all the people that I would seek legal advice from, the Clintons would be at the bottom of my list,” Graham said. “They’ve had enough legal trouble in their life for about 10 people.

“So all that I could say to Bill Barr — you can withstand this criticism. Go on and do your job,” he added.

Even after keeping his promise on the release of the redacted version of Mueller’s report, Barr came under criticism after he did not charge Trump with obstruction.

Watch the video below:

During Klepper’s sit-down with the Clintons, they joked about crowdfunding an audiobook of Hillary reading the entire 448-page report by Mueller.

Watch below:

As IJR Blue reported, Hillary said at the “Time 100” summit last Tuesday that Trump “would certainly have been indicted” if he wasn’t a sitting president, saying Mueller “could not be clearer” in his report on possible obstruction.

In response, Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, turned the tables by saying that Hillary is the one who “really obstructed justice,” as IJR Red reported.

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I wish we could have a kathairein of the Clintons.


Appears to have been a misprint by saying the legal troubles the Clintons HAD. When all the investigations are completed, there’s little question Hillary will be wearing a striped pants suit with numbers for (1) her violating 18 USC 793 – Federal Espionage Act (2) obstruction of justice by destroying evidence; etc., etc., etc. Well passed the time she needed to be in prison.

Debra Brungardt

The clintons can go to hell now instead of waiting till they die! Both of them are total failures because all they can think about is money money money in their pockets!





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