‘Delusional and Dangerous’: Graham Slams Trump’s ‘Pre-9/11 Mentality’ About Withdrawing Troops From Syria

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) couldn’t be more concerned about the situation unfolding in the Middle East in the wake of President Donald Trump‘s decision to withdraw troops from Syria.

Over the weekend, Trump announced that he would be withdrawing troops from northeastern Syria — an area where many of the United States’ Kurdish allies live. This decision was part of Trump’s effort to deliver on a campaign promise to withdraw troops from the “endless wars” in the Middle East.

The move was highly controversial among Republicans who feared the withdrawal could lead to a power vacuum similar to the one that formed when the U.S. left Iraq — which the Islamic State ultimately filled. Republicans also feared for the Kurdish soldiers in the region because an American withdrawal meant that the Kurds will likely face a military threat from Turkey.

That fear seems to have already come to fruition, as Turkish soldiers under President Recep Erdogan have already announced plans to invade the region by Wednesday night.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends,” Graham explained his dismay with Trump’s decision and warned that it could lead to the “biggest mistake” of his presidency.

Watch Graham’s comments:

“I will say this to the president, it will be hard to protect America without allies over there and the Kurds have been good allies. When Turkey goes into Syria, they’re not going in to fight ISIS, they’re going in to kill the Kurds because in their eyes they are more of a threat to Turkey than ISIS. I hope [Trump] is right. I don’t think so. I know every military person has told him: Don’t do this. This is the pre-9/11 mentality that paved the way for 9/11. What’s happening in Afghanistan is no concern to us. If he follows through with this. It would be the biggest mistake of his presidency.”

Graham noted that Kurdish soldiers allowed many U.S. troops to stay home or provide only air cover because they were on the ground to fight ISIS — which was largely destroyed under President Trump.

The senator claimed it would be “delusional and dangerous” to abandon that strategy against ISIS.

“Here’s what breaks my heart: The Trump way of doing business worked. We destroyed ISIS with the help of the Kurds. American air power with 60,000 ground troops provided by people in the region works. We did this with a couple thousand Americans. We can’t abandon the Kurds now. We can’t turn it over to Turkey. To think that will work is really delusional and dangerous.”

For now, it is unclear if Trump will back away from his decision. He has promised to “obliterate” Turkey’s economy if they attack the Kurds, but it doesn’t look like Erdogan cares at all, as he has positioned his military to take over the region by the end of the day.

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Tery Gohsman

Graham is complicit in Trump’s abandonment of our allies. He could have stopped it anytime. For some reason Graham thinks its in his best interests to allow the massacre to happen and let Trump take the blame. I have to wonder what the Russians have offered him.


SyPhyllis, If you’re denying it must be true! Where’s Avenatti and his whore(s) now?


This is a tough situation! Trump really wants to keep his campaign promises, unlike any of the previous presidents we’ve had, but it’s made more difficult because every time he turns around it’s, “damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t!” Could any one of us work half as efficiently as he does under this kind of stress?? I don’t know of one single Dem that could, in fact, I don’t know of ANY politician that could work half as effectively, under the kind of stress this man is dealing with! And he 73 years old!

General Confusion

“So will you agree that Trump is making the right decision” An unhung chad

What decision? To leave the region? Sort of, but certainly NOT in the maniacal way in which he pulled out and abandoned our ally. That was irresponsible and counter-productive in the extreme!

King Donald The Loser is an idiot who got played by a despot who bamboozled him with a temper tantrum. KDTL is weak.


SyPhyllis, One question: Where is Avenatti and his whores now? Are you not aware that Stormy signed that NDA under the threat if being sued for false allegations? Are you also not aware that Stormy sued Avenatti? Neither of them have credibility or ever have. Or do you just continue to live under your slimy rock and hear only what you want to hear?


Generally Confused, I believe President Trump had bone spurs just as I believe by your good luck YOU weren’t drafted into the service, nor were your gutless bag of guts courageous enough to enlist in the defense of our great country. Your only contribution here is to criticize others while you sit in the safety of your mommy’s basement, you pathetic POS!!!


Paul, So you criticize President Trump for the medical diagnosis that kept him from serving (have you ever had bone spurs? It’s not the cake walk it’s been made out to be), but you also criticize him for his saving the lives of our brave soldiers who otherwise would be caught in a perpetual war in a Hell Hole that is the A$$-Hole of the world????


Screw the Arabs and their Hell Hole!! These A-holes have brought the world NOTHING but their Satanic cult of Islam and terrorism!

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