Graham Warns Trump Against Withdrawing US Troops from Syria: ‘Would Be a Huge Obama-Like Mistake’

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President Donald Trump expressed the need to bring troops home as officials claim they are considering withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria. As the end of the campaign of taking back territory from the Islamic State nears, one senator claims the move would be a “huge Obama-like mistake.”

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As IJR News reported, officials are weighing complete withdrawal, as there are currently about 2,000 troops in Syria, many in special operations forces.

A complete withdrawal would still leave 5,200 U.S. troops across the border in Iraq.

Rodi Said/Reuters

Trump tweeted on Wednesday that “we have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) warned Trump that the withdrawal would be a “huge Obama-like mistake” — as former President Barack Obama withdrew U.S. troops in 2014 from Syria, which caused the Islamic State to advance into the country, collapsing Iraqi forces.

Graham added, with “all due respect” toward the president, that he had just returned from there and ISIS was not defeated.

The Republican senator said, “President @realDonaldTrump is right to want to contain Iranian explain. However, withdrawal of our forces in Syria mightily undercuts that effort and put our allies, the Kurds at risk.”

“A decision to withdraw will also be viewed as a boost to ISIS desire to come back,” he added.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement that ISIS is a “very powerful and dangerous force” and the “territorial caliphate” is now defeated by the U.S, adding that the U.S. has begun withdrawing troops.

“Five years ago, ISIS was a very powerful and dangerous force in the Middle East, and now the United States has defeated the territorial caliphate. These victories over ISIS in Syria do not signal the end of the Global Coalition or its campaign.”

“We have started returning United States troops home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign,” Sanders added, pointing out they will defend American interests.

“The United States and our allies stand ready to re-engage at all levels to defend American interests whenever necessary, and we will continue to work together to deny radical Islamist terrorist territory, funding, support, and any means of infiltrating our borders,” she said in the statement.

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Barbara Foster

Maybe Graham is right. Remember what happened in Afghanistan when we thought we had wiped out the Taliban? Now they are back in force, and we are fighting them again! There is no end to it!


Hmm. ISIS in Syria must now contend with the Russians, the Iranians, Assad loyalists, and Turkey. None of whom are friends with them or us.

Maybe the US should withdraw to territory held by our allies the Kurds and reinforce them AND remain next door in Iraq.

The ME is a mess.


When you’re a General Lindsay, then we’ll take your advise.





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