Grassley Calls Out ‘Unethical Lawyer’ Avenatti After He Was Nailed With 36-Count Federal Indictment

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Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) called out Michael Avenatti and some media outlets after the attorney was nailed with a 36-count indictment for tax evasion and defrauding clients, among other things.

According to the indictment, Avenatti illegally siphoned money from his clients to pay for his own expenses. He also allegedly defrauded a bank using false IRS tax returns that made it seem as though he had more money than he did in real life.

Grassley — who served as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the nomination for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh — called out the media outlets that trusted Avenatti when he brought forward sexual assault allegations against the judge. As IJR previously reported, Grassley referred Avenatti to the Department of Justice for allegedly providing false testimony about Kavanaugh.

The senator called Avenatti the “Darth Vader” of Kavanaugh’s hearing and called into question his acceptance by the “mainstream media.”

Grassley wasn’t alone in questioning the judgment of some in the media. According to a report by the Federalist, Avenatti appeared on news networks more than 200 times since he fell into the spotlight while representing adult film actress Stormy Daniels in her case against President Donald Trump.

Others joined Grassley in questioning Avenatti’s character and his work as an “unethical lawyer.” According to the indictment, one of the clients Avenatti allegedly defrauded was paraplegic. The lawyer allegedly denied the client of millions of dollars, and his failure to act on behalf of the client resulted in a loss of disability benefits.

Avenatti has denied any wrongdoing, taking to Twitter to assert his innocence. He said he will fight the indictment and claimed the charges were a result of his “many powerful enemies.”


He also posted a client testimonial that he claims is proof that his clients approved of his handling of the cases.

Still, many question Avenatti’s claim of innocence. Several people took to Twitter to mock his claim that he represented “David vs. Goliath” clients.

For now, Avenatti is still presumed innocent and will have his day in court. If he is found guilty, he faces up to 335 years in prison.

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Details omitted: Avenatti had a network of shell cos. he used to embezzle from at least five clients.The disabled man, named Johnson, won the settlement for jumping from a building where he was jailed.

Avenatti never told Johnson about the settlement and gave him “advances”. Johnson lost his social security disability because he could not give a status on the settlement. (LA Times)

Avenatti is a financial mess with a trail of unpaid judgements, rent, child payments, etc.

Phyllis Softa

Avanati was hired by a porn star that had sex with Trump soon after his wife had Barron. WHO expects anyone of ethical standards to be associated with anyone associated with Trump? That ship has long sailed.





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