Arizona Man Goes Viral for Laughing at Pro-Trump Protestors in City Council Meeting

A pair of pro-Trump protestors were shouted down in a Tucson, Arizona city council meeting on Tuesday, and the scene was just too much for one man in attendance to handle.

A clip from KVOA reporter Nick VinZant depicts two of President Donald Trump’s supporters voicing their displeasure with news that a measure to make Tucson a so-called “Sanctuary City” will be on the ballot in an upcoming election.

A woman in a “Make America Great Again” hat can be seen yelling about how only Congress has the power to change immigration laws, before others in the room loudly boo her and tell her to “shut up.”

The internet soon found its hero in a mustachioed man in a green polo shirt, seemingly unable to control his laughter at the hectic scene.

Watch the video below:

The pro-Trump pair can be seen holding up signs before the camera pans out to a red-faced, chuckling man slapping his knee at the sight of the outburst.

“You’re in direct violation of the oath you took to the United States Constitution,” the woman shouts, as a man can be heard telling her she’s “in direct violation of being an idiot.”

As the pro-Trump duo are instructed to leave by a police officer, the green shirt man is left clutching his chest in a fit of laughter.

“I love you #GreenShirt Guy,” comedian Patton Oswalt wrote on Twitter.

Some even joked about drafting green shirt guy for the 2020 election:

The man later identified himself on Twitter as Alex Kack. “This is unreal, you guys are wild,” he wrote of his newfound viral fame.

In a subsequent tweet, Kack urged his new followers to support Tucson Families Free & Together in support of the sanctuary city proposal.

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Just so you know, philly, there have been 570 arrests of illegals on homicide charges during an 8 rear period in TEXAS alone and I’m sure homicide was NOT the only crime being referred to by D3F1ANT.



You cite numbers from the GVA which calls a mass shooting any shooting that involves at least 4 victims. ABC News uses the exact same criteria and says there have been 17 mass shootings, not 250 that you cite. How do you explain the difference?


As usual philly you have shown your disconnect from the real world. “Were you thinking any of the 250 mass shooters in the US so far this year.” First off, D3F1ANT’s comment had NOTHING to do with mass shootings, it was about the serious crimes that have been committed by illegals. And just what world do you live in that has had 250 mass shootings this year? Citing groups that call any shooting with 4 victims a “mass” shooting is a pretty loose definition of “mass”. Now are you gonna try to tell everyone here that there has not been… Read more »


There will be plenty of laughter when the Dumbocrat candidates get annihilated in the 2020 election.

Phyllis Softa

If one’s choice is to laugh or cry in the face of stupidity, some do pick laughter. But our mothers taught us not to laugh at the mentally challenged and yet Trump told us to forget political correctness. So it is a difficult choice.


Hopefully it won’t be “green shirt guy’s” family who are victimized by illegal alien crime.


Tucson: Another crap fest in the making if sanctimonious Dems have their way.





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