Fmr Greenpeace President Continues AOC Criticism, Blasts Climate Change Movement for ‘Using Kids as a Front’

Fox News/YouTube

Former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore doubled down on his criticism of the Green New Deal and its champion Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) on Monday, stating that he believes the congresswoman “telling children there is going to be an apocalypse in 10 years” if they do not address climate change “is child abuse.”

In an appearance on the Fox News show “Hannity,” Moore — who appeared alongside meteorologist Joe Bastardi — reiterated his criticism of Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal, slamming the environmental proposal as “basically a suicide pact” and saying that he believes Ocasio-Cortez telling kids that the world will end in a decade if climate change is not dealt with “is child abuse.”

“I see AOC recruiting young teachers and whole classes of young children ‘against the apocalypse,’ they’re saying. They’re telling these children that there’s going to be an apocalypse in 10 years if they don’t save the climate. I think this is child abuse, myself.”

Moore then went on to claim that “the whole climate change movement has now reverted to using kids as a front” for “ending the use of fossil fuels,” adding that “they’re really trying to sell” socialism.

Watch the video here:

Moore went after the freshman firebrand on Twitter over the weekend, spearing Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal as “completely crazy” and calling the congresswoman a “pompous little twit.” Moore’s tirade continued into Monday, where he slammed the New York Democrat as a “garden-variety hypocrite” and claimed that she had “ZERO expertise at any of the things [she] pretend[s] to know.”

The Green New Deal has received criticism since its introduction into the House and the Senate, with Republicans targeting the non-binding resolution as “socialist.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) stated in February that he plans to bring the Green New Deal resolution up for a vote in the Senate after “noting with great interest” the resolution.

Correction [3/5/19, 6:18 p.m. ET]: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified Moore as a co-founder of Greenpeace. We have corrected the error.

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Going forward, I’ll be wanting to hear what this man Moore has to say. He’s brave in this politically warped climate, but then again he’s a guy who’d be in a zodiac on the Pacific seas sabotaging seines, thwarting 200 meter fishing boats, and being shot at. No one with and functioning and seasoned grey matter listens to AOC

Phyllis Softa

I am guessing Hannity asked his guest what it is HE DOES when he “sees” AOC telling these classrooms of children what he perceives as child abuse? Was that edited from the tape? Does he notify the child welfare agency? Does he immediately step in and tell the children his version? No one believes children watch Hannity, so he must have a more effective plan than going on FOX. Only 21% of FOX viewers are 25-54 yr old. That isn’t even many of their parents.

Madison Dibble

“This would be, basically, a suicide pact.” He really didn’t pull any punches.

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