Texas Gov Throws Shade at Joaquin Castro by Eating at Restaurant He Targeted for Supporting Trump

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) took a swipe at Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) by eating at a restaurant that was named in the Texas congressman’s recent controversial tweet.

On Monday, Castro — who chairs his brother’s presidential campaign, former HUD Secretary Julián Castro (D) — published a tweet targeting people in San Antonio, Texas that donated the maximum amount allowed under federal election laws to President Donald Trump‘s 2020 re-election campaign.

“Sad to see so many San Antonians as 2019 maximum donors to Donald Trump — the owner of [Bill Miller BarBQ]⁩, owner of the [Historic Pearl], realtor Phyllis Browning, etc⁩.,” tweeted the Texas congressman. “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders.’”

The Texas Democrat even listed the name of a man who had donated to his own congressional campaign, Wayne Harwell, that happened to give money to the president’s campaign.

Harwell said that he was no longer “going to give money” to Castro after the tweet was published.

In response to the tweet, Abbott threw some shade at the Texas Democrat, posting his own tweet of his recent dining experience at Bill Miller BarBQ — one of the businesses targeted in Castro’s tweet — on Tuesday.

“Perfect night for [Bill Miller BarBQ],” wrote the Texas governor, who posted a picture of a heaping plate of barbecue from the restaurant.

Castro’s tweet targeting Trump supporters in San Antonio came after a gunman rampaged in an El Paso, Texas Wal-Mart where the lives of 22 people were taken.

As IJR Red previously reported, the tweet did not sit well with many. Castro faced massive backlash online for the tweet.

National Press Secretary for Trump’s re-election campaign Kayleigh McEnany blasted the tweet as “completely unacceptable” and called for Castro’s brother’s campaign to “answer for this unacceptable behavior.”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) also weighed in, saying that “this isn’t a game.”

“People should not be personally targeted for their political views. Period,” wrote Scalise. “This isn’t a game. It’s dangerous, and lives are at stake. I know this firsthand.”


  1. Last I heard, Castro’s ranting and raving about Bill Miller’s BarBQ turned the place into America’s new hotspot to eat. People lined up for blocks waited to get in to eat. Motorcycle groups and others making it their new travel destination. Castro’s boycott on this place completely backfired on him.

  2. I notice that “Generally Confused” has advocated that no one be reelected, (or possibly elected in the first place)
    hurry and check his message saying
    If a politician takes donor money intended to influence their policies, then they should be sent packing as soon as possible.
    since EVERY candidate takes PAC money, then by definition (Political Action Committee) he’s claiming they are not to be reelected

    (easy example why trolls need to be dealt with by the old hickory stick)

    1. Qaz Wiz is confused.

      Not ALL PACs are corrupting. Wolf-PAC, for example, was created solely to get money out of politics, so they only back UNcorrupted politicians. PACs are just a tool, so whether they are a positive or negative tool depends on how they are used.

      You are also confused about who takes PAC money. The Justice Democrats pledge to not take any PAC money designed to corrupt politicians. Look them up. There might be one or two Republican politicians savvy enough to stay away from lobbyist or corporate PAC money, but I can’t remember their names and they have to be, by the very nature of the corrupt Republican party, a tiny, tiny minority. What UNcorrupted politicians do is raise small donations from many people. This helps to guarantee that the politician represents the PEOPLE who vote, not the lobbyists or corporations who pay bribes.

      I see NO problem with ANY politician getting re-elected under at least two conditions: first and foremost – are they doing good for this country and its people? (yes, “good” is very subjective. That’s why…); secondly, I have NO problem with a politician getting re-elected if constituents know the Congressperson’s voting record well enough to agree to re-elect him or her. It’s up to us to vote intelligently. Voting only along party lines is just stupid and is a major cause of what is wrong with this country.

      So, you see, I am not just a pretty face or a troll riling up the natives. In effect, you are admitting that you are ignorant about corruption. You need to be less confused.

      (If you click reply and add a comment, you will lock these comments up, so comment above, if you must.)

  3. the article failed to mention WHY House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) said “…..I know this firsthand.”
    he was one of the casualties at the republican baseball game attack a few years back…. and after it i continue to hear more and more Democratic requests for more violence against Republicans and even moderate Democrats being doxed in hopes another attack will happen

  4. Generally Confused appears to be Generally Confused (as usual) regarding his assertion that “Republicans must gerrymander, distort, and unbalance elections”. While you intentionally ignore the BS that went on at the highest levels of our government 3 years ago regarding the false claims of Russian Collusion, blah, blah, blah, etc. Heads of Google and Twitter were astonished that their efforts to tip the election to Hillary were unsuccessful.

    You are definitely confused if you believe the US voters have embraced the absurdity that is the Democrat party of today.

    You are definitely confused if you believe ANY of us believe that you are altruistic in your concerns over political donations when you make such biased comments about Republicans while you let your Democrat buddies slide,

    1. You are definitely confused about my intentions or opinions.

      I rip into any politician if they intend to harm the American people or if they are corrupted. That includes Democrats. ANY politician who backs King Donald The Loser agrees with hurting the American people – bar none. ANY voter who votes for the king are trying to hurt the American people. By the end of this term, ANY remaining Republican politician will either be corrupt or complicit with the harm caused by this administration, or both. ANY voter who continues to support this administration will ALSO be complicit with their harm done to us.

      If ANY politician takes legal PAC bribes, then they are corrupt and beholding to their lobbyist or corporate donors. That includes Democrats.

      Since the Newt Gingrich era, the Republican party has done a slow progression to a one-party state. Nothing would please the current GOP, its king, and many of its cult than to eliminate all opposition. You had better be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

  5. Whenever I’m in San Antonio I will stop at Bill Miller’s. Mmm Mmm!!

  6. “Your argument can also be used to describe Democrats getting election funding. Or are you just throwing stones from your glass castle and the rules don’t apply?” Confused MariaRose

    Do I need to leave a trail of crumbs for you to follow?

    YES, I include ALL politicians, no matter which flavor or color, INCLUDING Democrats. If a politician takes donor money intended to influence their policies, then they should be sent packing as soon as possible. Is that clear enough for you? People like you are so tiring.

  7. Generally Confused,

    Sure. Let’s get ALL money out of politics. That includes the civil service unions, teachers unions, trades unions, etc. which regularly occupy the top-10 as far as $ given.

    How do you propose candidates get funding? Citizen contributions? Isn’t that exactly what the monies donated by CU and other “corporate citizens” constitute?

    I know you’ll say something about government funding. BUT that’s still citizen money, only once-removed and involuntary. Think how your tax dollars might fund Trump’s re-election in that case.

    ….and government funding doesn’t get money out of politics. It just changes the source.

  8. Every Trump supporter and “normal” democrat should visit and purchase from any of the businesses that Castro targeted, where his intent was only to ruin them!! TRUMP & Freedom 2020!!!

  9. Has he eaten too many frijoles or is he a constipated leftie? Must be the second.

  10. GC:
    Reading comprehension isn’t really your thing is it?

    I did not say you said they were racist rather that you would say they were racist if the donation had flowed to Trump.

  11. Castro brothers—-Mexican descent or Cuban?

    1. I am confused?

      Who cares? Does it really matter?

      1. We now that’s your normal state, you don’t have to say it HAHAHAHA!!!

  12. Generally Confused:
    You seemed to be making confused, incorrect guesses, again, Screwtape.

    For the last full cycle, Joaquin had donations from a pretty broad spectrum of the typical large corporations, organization, unions, financial institutions, defence contractors, etc. Nothing that I could see from Racist USA.

    ++ I cut and pasted your response to ST so that the conversation could continue around IJR glitches. Hope you understand. ++

    Oddly enough, I suspect, if those same large scale donors that you list for Castro gave to Trump that suddenly those contributions would be “racist” in your book.

    1. You are confused, Mort206.

      I never suggested anything of the kind. I Ching suggested racist companies.

  13. Looks like the Castro’s are acting like the dictator’s with the same last name in Cuba. They are fueling hate and trying to suppress the freedom of choice in El Paso. Its a shame they take a tragedy to fuel hatred toward Trump supporters.

  14. DemonRats = Party Of Hate & Violence ,,,, ask yourself WHY you or anyone would vote for them ????

  15. Hmm. That BBQ looks pretty tasty, though I’d change the sides to have more veggies. Stewed okra, greens, and slaw. Yum.

    1. Were you thinking you were on Facebook and someone cared what you would order for your meal? The chances that either of us will be placing an order at Bill Miller BarBQ are the same and have NOTHING to do with Bill Miller’s support for Trump. You live in Oregon and I live in Pennsylvania so the chances are slim to none.

  16. WHC,

    I’m not seeing the Citizens United decision as a downside, but I’ll agree 100% that freedom of speech in no way conveys freedom from consequences or blowback.

    “With great power goes great responsibility.” –the late Stan Lee

    Imagine, just imagine if politicians and ALL those supporting free stuff expressed their freedom AND commitment by first putting up their money before going into our pockets. Imagine the 2020 candidates going on Medicare or Biden on Obozocare without their other benefits. They will not.

    That’s the tell. Their schemes ALWAYS go after our money first and they always have an out not available to the rest of us.

  17. I misspelled Joacqin. Henceforth I will refer to the bastard twins as Chico and Julio. Chico and Gummo ran a close 2nd, but I have too much respect for Groucho to associate him with them.

  18. ST, What’s fair is fair!!! And you nailed it!! Thumbs up x 10^99!

    Unfortunately, this is the downside of the SCOTUS ruling that political contributions are freedom of speech. And with that freedom comes the consequences. I know the left would find exceptions but I don’t. Your response is the best response, IMO.

  19. The bastard Joacquin and his brother Julio (or something like that) should have their donors doxxed. Fair is fair. Let’s see the organizations and individuals behind them revealed. I’ll bet there’s a lot of unions, non-Texas organizations, and racist/fascist groups like UnidosUS (formerly La Raza).

    1. You seemed to be making confused, incorrect guesses, again, Screwtape.

      For the last full cycle, Joaquin had donations from a pretty broad spectrum of the typical large corporations, organization, unions, financial institutions, defence contractors, etc. Nothing that I could see from Racist USA.

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