Gretchen Carlson Slams Hollywood’s Take on Her Harassment at FNC, Claims Trump Is Right About ‘Fake News’

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Hollywood is putting together a documentary film on the sexual harassment scandal brought to light by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, but Carlson claims the film is full of “fake news.”

Carlson’s story became a key part of the Me Too movement after she was fired by Fox News after working on “Fox & Friends” for more than a decade. She claimed that her employment ended because she refused sexual advances by then-president and CEO Roger Ailes.

After she was fired, she filed a lawsuit against Fox News and Ailes and several other women came forward.

The aftershocks of Carlson’s allegations against Ailes ended up highlighting a plethora of sexual harassment issues at Fox News. In fact, Bill O’Reilly left Fox News after it was revealed that he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with a $32 million payment.

Because of the way this story rocked Fox News and kicked off some of the Me Too movement, the story caught Hollywood’s eye.

In a new film, “Fair and Balanced,” Carlson’s story is depicted by actress Nicole Kidman.

Although some would be flattered to have a documentary made about them, Carlson has completely slammed the film’s production for being filled with inaccuracies. She also wasn’t happy with her physical depiction as played by Kidman.

Carlson took to Twitter to express her concerns, saying, it’s “hard to see your own story faked.”

Although Carlson doesn’t seem thrilled about the film, this is not Hollywood’s only shot on telling her story. There was also a documentary that was released last weekend called “Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes.” The documentary netted only $12,431 in its opening weekend.

As for “Fair and Balanced,” Hollywood has put together a star-studded cast including Charlize Theron, Ashley Greene, Margot Robbie, John Lithgow, Kate McKinnon, Connie Britton, and Allison Janney.

Hopefully, the film will focus on the bravery of the women coming forward, rather than the politics of the Ailes and the network. Based on Carlson’s tweet, it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

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Pat Warnock

The damage that one sexual predator with power and influence does to a whole community is infinite – Ailes is a monster and a public light should be shone on him and his kind.

Mary MacDonald

Why doesn’t she just pull the story? It’s her story, right? Is it possible for her to just say she doesn’t want her story portrayed wrongly? Don’t know, just asking.


She’s most upset the actress doesn’t look anything like her? I get being upset about the plot, but what the actress looks like is incidental as long as its close.





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