Grisham Uses First TV Interview as Press Sec to Torch Scaramucci After He Called POTUS ‘Nuts’

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham clocked Anthony Scaramucci during her first television interview since the new White House role.

Scaramucci — who recently claimed President Donald Trump was damaging “the fabric of our society” — went after the president once again, telling Eric Bolling on “America This week” late Wednesday that Trump is “nuts” and “completely crazy.” He also claimed that Trump was “mentally declining.”

In response, the new press secretary wasn’t afraid to take a swipe back at Scaramucci — who worked for 11 days in the White House.

Grisham eviscerated Scaramucci as she told Bolling late Wednesday after Saramucci’s interview: “It’s nonsensical to me, honestly. His feelings just seem to be hurt.”

“He’s the president, his poll numbers are going through the roof, our economy is doing better than ever, he’s doing a great job, Anthony knows that and the country knows that,” Grisham said.

“That’s ridiculous,” she said pushing back on Scaramucci’s claim that Trump’s mental health is “declining.”

Watch Grisham’s interview below:

Grisham isn’t afraid to take a shot back at critics, as when she was first lady Melania Trump’s spokesperson, prior to her press secretary role, she had some fiery defenses of the first lady.

Just after first stepping into the new White House role at the start of July, Grisham traveled overseas where she cleared the way for press corps members into a meeting with Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, pushing aside North Korean guards in the process, as IJR Red previously reported. Grisham’s move was deemed “heroic.”

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Phyllis Softa

Trump’s WH Communications Director is apparently the hardest job on the planet. Miller resigned before the inauguration and Spicer was appointed, then Dubke appointed, then Spicer re-instated, Scarmucci appointed, , then Hicks, then Shine, and now Grisham. Defending Melania is one thing–the jacket timing was her actual only misstep–we already knew she did not care about monogamy if she married a known serial cheater. IF Stephanie, or any sane person’s 70 + yr old parent made statements regarding the Revolutionary soldiers successfully defending the airports, China is paying U S. import tariffs, AND the Obamas violated the emoluments clause in… Read more »


Translation for “poll numbers going through the roof”: record disapproval rating and losing to all of the top 4 Dem candidates (per Fox News)





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