Group Caught on Tape Plotting Trump Inaugural Ball Acid Stink Bomb Attack Turned Over to FBI

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas undercover cameras have caught on tape a group of Washington, D.C., activists allegedly plotting to sabotage a Trump Inaugural ball.

Disrupt J-20” is a collection of activist groups formed after the election to stop Donald Trump from assuming office. The honorary head of the group is none other than domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers.

A reporter from O’Keefe’s organization infiltrated a group called the “DC Anti-Fascist Coalition,” whose membership included members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and other groups. They’re reportedly part of the “Disrupt J-20” umbrella group.

A reporter for O’Keefe captured on tape plans to place butyric acid into the HVAC venting system of the National Press Club, where the “Deploraball” Inaugural Ball is scheduled to take place this Thursday night. Their objective was to clear the place out with the acid which acts as a stink bomb. They also tried to figure out how to set off all the fire sprinklers simultaneously to drive out the pro-Trump crowd and “ruin their clothes.”

O’Keefe reports that the meetings with the “DC Anti-Fascist Coalition” had been going on since December. He says his group was so disturbed about the violent nature of the planned attack that his attorney was dispatched to the local police, FBI, and Secret Service to tell them about the plot.

But the “Anti-Fascist” group released a trailer on YouYube claiming that it ran a counter-sting on Project Veritas.

But, they went into damage control in preparation for the release of O’Keefe’s video:

O’Keefe offered his a response to the ‘counter-sting’ story:

And he plans another hidden video dump this week:

Independent Journal Review reached out to both James O’Keefe and Lacey MacAuley to get both sides’ responses to the allegations. Neither had responded at the time of publication.

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