Guaido Praises Trump’s ‘Determination to Defend Democracy,’ Promises Venezuela Will ‘Recover Our Freedom’

Amid political pressure and violent protests in Venezuela, opposition leader Juan Guaidó is thanking President Donald Trump for fighting for democracy, and he’s vowing to recover Venezuela’s freedom.

This week, Guaidó, the interim president, said he was in the “final phase” of an uprising to oust dictator Nicolás Maduro — as IJR News reported — as he led a coup and violent protests broke out.

Guaidó told Fox Business Network’s “Trish Regan Primetime” on Wednesday that he accomplished what he wanted from the protests this week in the effort to achieve the goal of “Venezuela to live in freedom, to recover democracy.”

According to Guaidó, there were over 190 protests throughout Venezuela, with one person dying as a result and 25 others injured — he also noted that between 91 and 95 percent of Venezuelan people want to see a change in the country.

“We are determined to recover our freedom,” he declared.

Watch the video below:

Additionally, the opposition leader noted that Venezuela wants to keep the “best relations” with the United States.

Guaidó praised the Trump administration “for the determination to defend democracy in our region.”

He later said:

“[…] So, as long as we are mobilized and united, we are very close to achieving our freedom. I would like to tell you a specific date or a specific time, but we are working on these transitional and rebuilding processes of democracy. They have always taken time, but we have the support of the international community, the support of our constitution and the people, we are close to achieving this goal as a country.”

“As you said, democracy is always at stake. Institutions are always at stake and as citizens, we need to protect them,” Guaidó concluded.

See part of his comments below:

As IJR Red reported, President Trump has vocalized his support for Guaidó, tweeting, “The United States stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom.”

Vice President Mike Pence declared, “America will stand with you until freedom & democracy are restored.”

As for whether or not the U.S. will get involved in the situation in Venezuela, national security adviser John Bolton said on Tuesday that “all options” are “on the table.”

“It’s a very delicate moment. I want to stress again the president wants to see a peaceful transfer of power from Maduro to Guaidó,” Bolton said.

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