In Guatemala, Pelosi Says Migrant Treatment ‘Shameful’, Worries About Trump Deal

Luis Echeverria/Reuters

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized U.S. treatment of migrants during a visit to Guatemala, and raised doubts about whether the Central American country could cope with a migration deal agreed with the Trump administration.

Pelosi, a Democrat, was visiting Central America on Thursday with a bipartisan congressional delegation just as the region was coming under pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to do more to stop migrants reaching the United States.

Under the threat of economic sanctions, Guatemala late last month struck a deal with Trump to make the country a so-called “safe third country.” The accord will require migrants to seek asylum in Guatemala rather than in the United States.

Critics question whether Guatemala, which suffers from high levels of poverty and violence, has the resources to handle a potential surge in asylum applications.

Asked whether Guatemala would be able to handle the agreement, Pelosi told a news conference she wanted to know more about what the safe third country deal entailed, and described it as a “very difficult challenge.”

Pelosi and the congressional delegation will also travel to El Salvador and Honduras, after which they are scheduled to visit U.S. detention centers in McAllen, Texas.

Democrats have said Trump’s policies have sparked a humanitarian crisis at border facilities, and Pelosi said that “from what we have seen in past visits, the treatment of people there is a challenge to the conscience of America.”

“It’s really shameful what has happened on the border,” added Pelosi, who was meeting with representatives from the judiciary, civil society and rights groups in Guatemala.

U.S. Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said this month that the United States wants similar agreements with Honduras and El Salvador. His office said on Thursday the number of migrants apprehended or deemed inadmissible on the U.S. border with Mexico fell 21% to 82,049 in July from June.

“The situation is improving by every available metric, but, I want to be very clear, that we remain at and beyond crisis levels in illegal crossings,” McAleenan said in a statement.

According to Customs and Border Protection data, law enforcement actions against Guatemalan migrants fell by 41%, against Salvadorans by 21% and against Hondurans by 16% in July.

Under the safe third country deal, Guatemala says it will only accept migrants from neighboring Honduras and El Salvador.

Still, Guatemalan-born U.S. Democratic Representative Norma Torres said the deal was not realistic.

“My personal position is that Guatemala is in no way capable of being a (safe) third country,” she said alongside Pelosi.

Immigration, one of Trump’s signature issues in the 2016 presidential campaign, is already shaping up as a central issue in the November 2020 election. Democrats have sharply criticized Trump’s policies aimed at banning nearly all asylum-seekers from entry, warehousing detainees in crowded quarters and holding children separately from the adults they traveled with.

(Reporting by Sofia Menchu; additional reporting by Doina Chiacu and Rebekah F Ward in MEXICO CITY; writing by Julia Love and Dave Graham; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall and Simon Cameron-Moore)

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contusion- Donald Trump thanks you.


I don’t accuse every member of King Donald The Loser’s cult a racist, but he is a proven racist since he was young and he sure has a lot of admirers. If they don’t want to be labeled a racist, too, then they shouldn’t associate with known racists. —-GC

Are you saying that those who associate with you should be presumed idiots as well?
Personally I think they should be given the benefit of the doubt, kind of like individual Trump supporters whom you frequently paint with a broad brush stroke.


contusion- “I DON’T call people who disagree with me racist UNLESS they exhibit racism.” And it’s your opinion, and your opinion alone that decides the exhibition of racism, isn’t it? You have called EVERY Trump supporter a racist more than once on this site. You have no clue that it is people like you, who have no problem labeling millions of people that you do not know something that they are not, that have MADE millions supporters of Trump. You are the PERFECT example of D-K and people like you are the BEST thing that ever happened to Donald Trump’s… Read more »

General Confusion

I am confused, Pelosi.

Are you going to visit Honduras, too? Your friend Biden made a huge mess of it and he is a major cause of the border crisis today.

https:// thegrayzone dot com/2019/07/28/biden-privatization-plan-colombia-honduras-migration/


contusion- Why is it that you have no problem calling anyone here names and labeling anyone who disagrees with you a racist, but you can’t call someone in this country illegally an illegal?

Richard Faith
Richard Faith

So, pelosi says that it’s a shame what happened to the border? REALLY? If she were honestly voicing her thoughts, she would have said, “it’s a shame that we even HAVE such a thing as a border!” IF, AND ONLY IF, death were sufficiently POTENT as to make anything GOOD out of a globalist, I’d be saying “The only GOOD globalist is a DEAD globalist.” Unfortunately, death is not sufficiently potent!

General Confusion

“Our influence has created the problem? What does that even mean?” Bob

It means that you are a very dangerous, low-information voter.


To the Confused One,

What part of the FACT that they are in another country, in this case Guatemala, says they haven’t “escaped” their country(ies)?

Let them go home and fix the conditions which caused them to flee. There’s a parallel with so many leaving Blue states like CA. They won’t fix the problems many of them created AND they repeat the insanity where they settle. Where is their next stop, Canada? Except that Canada has/had a sane immigration policy.





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