Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Goes Nuclear on Gov. Cuomo for Attacking His Six-Months Pregnant Wife

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate, Marc Molinaro, tore into incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo after he went after Molinaro’s pregnant wife in a TV ad.

The New York Post reports the ad, run by Cuomo’s re-election campaign, accuses Molinaro of nepotism after his administration approved projects for a firm where his wife, Connie Adams, was a marketing director.

“Return the dirty money and come clean,” the ad says. “What are you really hiding?”

Molinaro did not hold back in his response to the ad.

“Let me be clear to you Andrew Cuomo, you stick to me. You want to fight? Fight with me,” he said in a video.

“My six-month pregnant wife is out of your league,” he continued.

Watch the video below:

“She’s a class act, you’re not,” he concluded.

“Andrew Cuomo better keep his sleazy attacks on me,” Molinaro also told The Post. “He’s a classless buffoon who attacks a woman — one who is six months pregnant.”