Gun Control Activists Laid Down For ‘Die-In’ — Group Trolls Them with Epic Reminder of 2nd Amendment

While pro-gun control activists where hosting a “die-in” in front of the U.S. Capitol building and Senate Republican offices, other activists held local “die-ins” to demand strict gun control legislation be passed and signed into law.

At some locations, there were pro-Second Amendment supporters hosting counter-rallies.

During the rally in Nashville, members of Freedom Rights decided to place pocket Constitutions on the people who lay down:

“We just wanted to make sure they had copies of the Constitution,” Cerise Bowes, vice president of the group,” told Tennessean. “Though they have every right to say what they feel, we don’t necessarily agree with them and we want our Constitution to stay intact.”

Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images

National Die-In, the group that organized the “die-ins” on Tuesday, announced they will plan another one at either Disney World or Disney’s corporate offices due to the company’s past support for Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam’s political committee.

“We want to keep doing these protests to show people we aren’t backing down,” group co-founder Nurah Abdulhaqq told the Orlando Sentinel.