When Hillary Clinton Claims 33K Deaths Due to ‘Gun Violence’ She’s Leaving Out One Big Tell

When she’s on the campaign trail, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton touts the talking point that “33,000 people die each year due to ‘gun violence.'”

It’s an attention-grabbing claim, but the general listener could get the impression that those numbers are solely victims of mass shootings or murders. They’re not.

Hot Air reports that the official federal government numbers show the majority of deaths involving guns are suicides. The Brookings Institution drilled down into the government numbers and found one more stunning fact about guns deaths:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Brookings Institution

As The Brookings Institution chart shows there’s a difference in the kinds of gun deaths in the U.S. that is as stark as black and white. It found that the overwhelming number of gun related white deaths are due to suicide and the overwhelming number of deaths for blacks are due to homicide:

“Gun deaths also vary dramatically by type. The vast majority (77 percent) of white gun deaths are suicides; less than one in five (19 percent) is a homicide. These figures are nearly opposite in the black population, where only 14 percent of gun deaths are suicides but 82 percent are homicides.” [emphasis added]

The Washington Post reports that though homicides involving guns have been going down steadily, the increasing suicide rate has canceled out the reduction in gun violence and points to a more complicated approach needed to combat ‘gun violence’ than Mrs. Clinton’s call for more back ground checks and ‘loophole’ closing [emphasis added]:

“Suicide among older white males in the heartland is a fundamentally different issue than homicide among young black men in urban areas. This observation suggests that bringing down gun deaths would require a multi-pronged public policy approach rather than a monolithic one-size-fits-all package.”

Hot Air reports that when all is said and done, according to the 2011 stats, 850 homicides were caused by a person with a legally purchased and licensed gun compared to, for example, “700 beaten to death by somebody with their bare hands” that same year. That’s not quite “33,000.”

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