Guy Attempts to Pay for Ticket Using Pennies, Gets Tackled by Officers Instead

Michigan resident Anthony Sevy was issued a parking ticket by the Royal Oak Police Department.

Like any law-abiding citizen, Sevy visited Royal Oak’s 44th District Court in February, where he attempted to pay his $10 fine using a credit card. However, Sevy was informed there would be a surcharge of $1.75 on top of that due to a credit card fee.

As a result, Sevy left without paying.

After some time went by, Sevy knew he would eventually have to pay the fine and came back ready to pay in cash, reports.

And by cash, Sevy paid the $10 fine in pennies.

During Sevy’s attempted penny payment, the court officer refused to accept his payment method and then exchanged some words with Sevy before Sevy attempted to leave once again without the fine being paid, Fox 2 notes.

Sevy’s attorney claims that as Sevy was leaving the courthouse, the court officer ran up behind Sevy and proceeded to choke him to the point where Sevy was brought to the ground and defecated himself when he became unconscious.

All of which was caught on security footage.

Sevy was charged with disturbing the peace and assaulting or obstructing a police officer, although the latter charge was dropped shortly thereafter.

Since the charges, which Sevy pleaded no contest to, he hired attorney Jonathan Marco, where they plan to file a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the court officers involved in the attack, Fox writes.

During an interview with Fox 2, Marco said:

“As he was leaving the court house with his back to the officer, the court officer began to choke him out, grabbing him, brought him to the ground. Mr. Sevy passed out and defecated himself […] I don’t think anyone paying in penny rolls, whether it’s a preferred thing to do for a court clerk, warrants this type of assaultive behavior and violation of constitutional rights.”


“I don’t think that in everyday course of business, we poop our pants or go around defecating ourselves.”

You can see the video below:

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