‘We Won’t Back Down’: Nikki Haley Snaps Back at UN After They Condemn US for Cuban Embargo

Ambassador Nikki Haley may be on her way out of the United Nations General Assembly, but that doesn’t mean she won’t finish her job defending the United States from certain U.N. resolutions.

For the past two days, the U.N. General Assembly has been reviewing the United States’ embargo of Cuba. The United States has an active trade embargo against Cuba in protest of the Castro regime and their human right violations.

Although former President Barack Obama worked to normalize relations with Cuba, an embargo has been in place since Fidel Castro first took over the country. The U.N. has condemned the embargo several times.

Even though there has been little proof that Cuba has done anything to grant more freedom to their people, the U.N. still chose to review the actions of the United States.

Haley was not thrilled that the U.N. was criticizing the United States, highlighting several of their human rights violations on Twitter.

In a blowout vote, the members of the General Assembly voted 189-2 in favor of a resolution, condemning the United States for limiting trade to Cuba. Only the U.S. and Israel voted against the resolution.

Haley didn’t pull any punches after the vote, calling it a “waste of time,” adding, “there are no winners here today, there are only losers.”

The ambassador further expressed her disdain for the vote while addressing the assembly.


“Those who support this resolution every year have it wrong. Our reason for the embargo is and has always been Cuba’s denial of freedom and the denial of the most basic of human rights for the Cuban people,” she said. “The United States will continue to stand with the Cuban people until their rights and their freedoms are restored. Period. We won’t back down.”

U.N. resolutions are mostly symbolic, and not enforced by any nation. This resolution won’t impact the embargo against Cuba in any way, giving credence to Haley’s “waste of time” comments.

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