Haley: Russian Hands ‘Covered in the Blood of Syrian Children’ After Attack

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley blasted Russia for “enabling” Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime in its alleged chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians, saying Russian hands are “covered in blood.”

Haley also criticized Iran for its role in allegedly enabling the Assad regime, echoing remarks President Donald Trump shared on Twitter earlier in the day on Monday.

“The Russian regime, whose hands are all covered in the blood of Syrian children, cannot be ashamed by pictures of its victims,” Haley told lawmakers during a U.N. Security Council meeting.

“We must not overlook Russia and Iran’s roles in enabling the Assad regime’s murderous destruction,” she added

Like President Trump, who called for Douma and its surrounding area to be opened for “medical help and verification,” Haley slammed the Syrian government for preventing medical care from reaching those wounded in the attack.

“Only a monster does this. Only a monster targets civilians and then ensures that there are no ambulances to transfer the wounded. No hospitals to save their lives. No doctors or medicine to ease their pain,” she said. “[…] The monster who was responsible for these attacks has no conscience.”

According to reports, Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said there was no attack and that Russia was being “unpardonably threatened.”

“The boorishness against my country is unacceptable and exceeds Cold War standards,” he said.

At least 40 Syrian civilians, including women and children, were killed as a result of Saturday’s attack.

The president said Monday that he would make a decision on how to respond to the attack within the next 48 hours.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said the U.S. had not yet ruled out a military response.

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