Sean Hannity Slams Mika Brzezinski for Homophobic Slur — But Also Doesn’t Want to See Her Career ‘Ruined’

Sean Hannity blasted MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski for making a homophobic comment during her show, but he also showed his long-time rival a bit of grace.

The feud between Hannity and the “Morning Joe” hosts has been well documented, particularly between him and Joe Scarborough. To say the three hosts have their disagreements is an understatement.

On Wednesday morning, Brzezinski caused many jaws to drop after she referred to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as a “dictator’s butt boy.” MSNBC tried to censor the comment, but they were too late.

Several took to Twitter to condemn Brzezinski for using the homophobic slur.

After the moment blew up, Brzezinski issued an apology on Twitter, but many felt it fell short.

Knowing Hannity’s relationship with Brezinski and Scarborough, it could be expected that he would take a victory lap at their expense, but the Fox News host delivered a different message about making mistakes.


“We’re consistent on this program. We don’t call for boycotts, we don’t call for firings of any kind. In fact, when Mika’s colleague, MSNBC host Joy Reid, when she was in hot water over a homophobic and conspiracy-filled blog that she had, we never called for her to be fired or for her show to be boycotted. People do make mistakes. People are not perfect. And I think we’re all human and I don’t believe anybody’s career, in my honest opinion, should be ruined over a stupid mistake.”

Hannity noted that he doesn’t think the “Morning Joe” hosts would have been as gracious had a Fox News host made the same comment, saying, “She’s no fan of mine, and neither is liberal Joe and I doubt they would do this for any opinion host here at Fox News.”

The Fox News host said that he doesn’t want to encourage the outrage against Brzezinski.

“It’s sad to see Trump derangement syndrome claim yet another victim,” said Hannity.

Although MSNBC has not commented fully on Brzezinski’s slur, she did not appear on “Morning Joe” on Thursday morning. Scarborough claimed the absence was for a family event.

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I guess that Sean (nor anyone on IJR) was not concerned that Mika referred to the President of the United States as a “dictator”.

Pat Warnock

Why not? Others have been ruined for the same slurs – Hart lost his Oscar gig for something he said when he was 15 – Mika used the gay slur this week – Mika did not apologise – she tried to excuse herself for using an incorrect analogy.


Who doesn’t love a good “back pedaling “. Those two are a sad looking and sounding couple.


Hopefully, she is held to the same standard her viewers would hold others.


Without double standards the Left would have no standards at all.

We all fail. Look at Jimmy Kimmel’s on-air use of the n-word. Same for Bill Maher. Now Mika.

They are exercising the self-restraint of a flea at a cattle auction AND they are not teenagers, q.v. Kyler Murray.

Apologize. Move on.





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