Hard-Working Farm Boy Is Asked to Do One More Chore—That’s When He Starts Bawling

America’s pastime just got a little bit sweeter.

One of baseball’s most adorable tiny fans is 9-year-old Kolt Kyler of Indiana.

Kolt is a hard-working young boy who lives on his family’s farm in Pierceton. And he’s no freeloader, either.

According to Yahoo Sports, he balances work both in school and on the fields, assisting his family without complaint.

He still finds some time to kick off his boots and relax, though. Kolt is a dedicated fan of the Chicago Cubs. What he lacks in age, he makes up for in fervor.

Kolt’s family agrees. His sister, Hannah Himes, detailed his dedication to Yahoo:

“His work ethic is amazing. He’s been carrying around a bat, ball, and glove since he could walk.”

He tries to get a taste of the experience by DVRing games that fall past his bedtime, but his real dream is to witness a game live at the famous Wrigley Field.

Kolt’s dreams were finally made a reality just this week. In a video shared on Twitter, Kolt is given the surprise of a lifetime:

In the video, Kolt can be seen with his father, Andy, leaning against a pig pen discussing the day’s unusually lengthy chores. As the pigs scurry about, Andy explains to his son why he tasked him with so much:

“You know, I kind of tested you a little bit today. I wanted to see how you’d react because I knew you were tired. You never once complained. You worked hard.”

Kolt slumped against the railing for a bit, cutting off his father’s speech. When Andy asked if Kolt was tired, Kolt insisted he wasn’t and that it was “fun” to help out his family.

Then, Andy assigned Kolt one last chore. He warned his son that it would take a bit of time, but Kolt wasn’t deterred.

Andy handed Kolt their final task in an envelope — and when the boy saw what was in the package, his eyes welled up.

Inside were tickets to a Cubs game.

Kolt broke down, running to his father and thankfully embraced him.

Kolt’s mother asked her son, now overcome with emotion, to show his new gift to the camera:

“What is it, Kolt?”

Still crying, Kolt displayed his two tickets:

“Me and Daddy are going to Wrigley Field!”

Kolt’s not the only one thrilled about his visit.

Anthony Rizzo, first baseman of the Cubs, retweeted Hannah’s “awesome” video, adding that the farming fan will have another surprise: game-day field passes.

Rizzo and the rest of the Cubs will give Kolt and his father a warm welcome at their game against the St. Louis Cardinals later this June.

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