U.S. Democratic Presidential Hopeful Harris Addresses Police Shootings in Criminal Justice Plan

If elected president, Kamala Harris would restrict the legal use of deadly force by police, end the incarceration of juveniles in adult prisons and legalize marijuana at the federal level, the Democratic U.S. senator said in a plan set for release on Monday.

Her proposals are part of a criminal justice platform that Harris says must hold wrongdoers accountable without veering toward what she calls an unjust system of mass incarceration and arrest that has harmed communities of color and the poor.

“Americans deserve a criminal justice system that focuses on fairness, rehabilitation, and accountability to build trust and safe communities,” Harris said in a statement. “As president I’ll fix this broken system to make it fairer and more accountable for communities across the country.”

Harris is one of 20 Democrats seeking her party’s nomination to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 election. In an ABC News/Washington Post Poll released on Sunday, Harris had the support of 7% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, behind former Vice President Joe Biden at 27%, Senator Bernie Sanders with 19% and Senator Elizabeth Warren at 17%.

A former prosecutor and California attorney general, Harris has struggled to balance her work history with concerns from many progressives and African-Americans that she supported a criminal justice system stacked against minorities.

Harris is black and grew up steeped in civil rights activism in California. But she so far has not won support from large percentages of black voters, many of whom have said in polls they are supporting Biden, who was No. 2 to Barack Obama, the first black U.S. president.

In her criminal justice plan, Harris pledges to end the use of private prisons and study the best ways to confine and rehabilitate violent offenders.

In a proposal aimed at easing national concern over police shootings of unarmed black men, Harris said she would push to restrict the use of deadly force by officers.

Current policies generally allows officers to shoot subjects when “reasonable,” but Harris’ proposal would restrict the use of deadly force to only when “necessary,” a higher legal standard and more difficult to support in court.

Harris’ plan also includes several reforms to the juvenile justice system. In addition to ending the practice of incarcerating some youths in adult prisons, she would allow juveniles sentenced to more than 20 years to petition for reduced sentences after 10 years and encourage states to replace much juvenile incarceration with community-based programs that allow offenders to repair the harm they have done.

Her plan to legalize marijuana at the federal level is also aimed at reducing levels of incarceration for nonviolent drug offenses, charges that disproportionately affect minorities.

Harris was scheduled to discuss her criminal justice plan on the MSNBC program “Morning Joe” on Monday.

(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein; Editing by Peter Cooney)


  1. If Ms. Harris plans to “restrict the use of deadly force” by police officers working to keep our cities safe, couldn’t she work on restricting the use of deadly force by criminals FIRST?

  2. Do not go out of your way to protect this liberal turd. Do not provide her an armed escort ever and see how she likes dodging bullets from the criminals she set free.

  3. Krazy Kamala would want to do away with the police, most likely. The idea that she was an Attorney General is laughable.

  4. ” rehabilitation, and accountability”

    This is totally contradictory we can not hold criminals accountable for their actions if we favor “rehabilitation” over enforcing the laws or allowing people to protect themselves when attacked just because of the perceived race, religion, gender, nationality, or age of the CRIMINAL.

    This focus on having a separate set of laws for the “protected classes” (nobles) is why we have gangs that use and corrupt juveniles for the commission of their criminal acts because politicians like this one think those protecting themselves or the people of this nation against crime should be punished while those in violation of the constitutional laws passed to protect the Citizens of this nation get “rehabilitation” instead of punishment for their crimes based on POLITICAL CRITERIA they feel puts them above the law in the name of “rehabilitation”, “tolerance”, “diversity” etc.

    Meanwhile they actively want to punish people who committed no violations of any constitutional law over nothing more than exercising their irrevocable, inalienable constitutional rights that the government has no lawful authority to infringe upon buy has using every excuse from “national security” ,”feeling safe” to “anti discrimination” as attempts to infringe upon those rights.

    At least one leftist controlled location actually ILLEGALLY declaring peaceful civilians who have done nothing more than prevent the abolishing of their constitutional rights as a TERRORIST group for disagreeing with the fascist plan to disarm the citizens of this nation despite irrefutable proof it does nothing to prevent crime or even disarm criminal despite the propaganda spouted by the fascist attempting to abolish due process, free speech, and the right to keep and BEAR arms.

    These same politicians actively support actual terrorists that have harmed even killed US citizens for nothing more than supporting our constitution and the lawfully elected president of this nation.

    Actively preventing actual terrorists (like the fascist group calling itself antifa) from being labeled and treated as such despite their clear violent acts done to impose their political beliefs upon this nation while suppressing through violence or threats thereof anyone opposing their political agenda.

    These same politicians actively calling for physical violence even insurrection if they can not remove the lawful president of this nation through other deceitful means and false accusations.

  5. You would have to be blind not to see the destruction these creatures have done to every city in the country that they infest.i think the cops should just pull out and let them revert back to their natural state.

    1. I am confused.

      So what you are saying is that you approve of anarchy. Do I have this right? You want the USofA to devolve into chaos.

      How big of you.

  6. she would allow juveniles sentenced to more than 20 years to petition for reduced sentences after 10 years and encourage states to replace much juvenile incarceration with community-based programs that allow offenders to repair the harm they have done.
    So let them out so they can make babies to replace the innocent people they killed? Why does it seem as though all of these demons who want to be president, cater to everybody but law abiding Americans? And I call them demons because they are definitely part of satans army against the principality of Jesus Christ. Pray for their souls when the King returns and they stand before Him in judgement.

  7. What “Horizontal” needs to plan is a prison expansion to get the animals, that springboard out of prison like a yo-yo, to stay in prison longer. Habitual criminals that keep getting turned out are a danger to innocent Americans. What happened to the 3 strike rule?

    1. One of the biggest things that will “rehabilitate” juveniles is to make it clear they would face the same punishment as any other criminal for the same crime.

      Once this “rehabilitation” nonsense that gave little if any punishment to juveniles who committed the same crimes as adults became widespread public knowledge gangs, criminals, and others began actively using/recruiting juveniles to commit crimes for them even telling them that they would not be punished if caught because of their age.

      Until this mentality of “its just a poor child they did not understand what they did” stops being used as an excuse to ignore the rights of the victims because politicians favor “rehabilitation” even when its clear that will not work for the multiple record of arrests juvenile crimes committed by juveniles will continue and politicians like this will keep throwing a fit because the police like any other civilian has a lawful right to do protected themselves when their life was endanger.

      This attitude that police should just let themselves or others be killed due to the perceived age, race, religion, politics, nationality etc. of the criminal attacking is by far the most detrimental attitude to the actual rights of the people (citizens of the US) of this nation.

  8. We also must be reminded Harris grew up with a staunch Marxist father (Donald J. Harris) from Jamaica and a mother from South India. She was raised around Socialists and Communists all her years and that indoctrination supports her disdain for law enforcement. Harris is quite obviously a Socialist candidate.

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