Harris Told Donors She’s Uncomfortable With Sanders’ Medicare for All Plan — She Co-Sponsored His Bill

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is facing backlash after she claimed she is uncomfortable with Senator Bernie Sanders‘ (I-Vt.) Medicare for All plan even though she co-sponsored his bill.

Both Sanders and Harris are running in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary under similar policy plans. The two are both running on a version of Medicare for All with the biggest difference being that Sanders wants to fully abolish the private health insurance industry, while Harris has left the option for private coverage on the table.

However, Harris has flipped on abolishing private insurance a few times on the campaign trail, as IJR previously reported. She is also a current co-sponsor of Sanders’ Medicare for All Act currently floating around the U.S. Senate.

She must have forgotten that last detail, however, because she told donors she is not comfortable with Sanders’ proposal to abolish private insurance as described in his bill.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Harris spoke to donors in the Hamptons where she told the crowd that she believes in capitalism and has concerns with Sanders’ health care plan.

“I have not been comfortable with Bernie’s plan,” Harris told the room.

This didn’t sit well with many of Harris’s critics. Twitter users from the right and the left called out Harris for her claim, noting that she either sponsors legislation she’s uncomfortable with or she was trying to change her tune when speaking to a room of donors.



Others claimed that Harris has a track record of supporting policies she may see as politically expedient. Over her career, Harris flipped on several major policy issues as IJR previously reported.

As for Sanders, he’s been consistent about his intentions to abolish private health insurance in the United States in favor of his Medicare for All plan. He’s also acknowledged that he plans to raise taxes on the wealthy and the middle class to pay for the proposal.


  1. “she told donors she is not comfortable with Sanders’ proposal to abolish private insurance as described in his bill.” Article

    She told big, corporate donors IN THE HAMPTONS!

    That’s it. I am done with her. Next!

    1. I’m sure she will immediately drop out of the race now that she no longer has contusion’s vote.

  2. It is funny how so many politicians ‘forget’ what they’ve said or done.

  3. Cheryl-since ijr can’t fix the simplest of problems, or they just don’t care how bad their site functions, let me repeat my comment: Did you notice the lie she told that old lady. told her that she wasn’t going to touch her healthcare. kamalalaladingdong lies right to your face and thinks NOBODY will see.

  4. This gang of 20 changes their spins so often that it’s difficult to keep up. Not that I care. Hope everyone saw the little lady in the nursing home who told Harris to “leave her health care alone”. Bet Kamala didn’t see that coming.

    1. Did you notice the lie she told that old lady. told her that she wasn’t going to touch her healthcare. kamalalaladingdong lies right to your face.

    2. I did I thought it was funny Harris told her but it will make things a lot better the lady told her leave it alone and go away lol woohoo good for her

  5. Obviously Kamala Harris, like most of the demoncRATS stands for nothing so they will fall for anything, which probably explains why they have been working hand in hand with the one world global government, aka the new world order to keep our southern border wide open for all the invading illegal alien immigrants for many decades & still are for them to be used as a George Soros style “WEAPON OF WAR” to crash our economy & take down President Trump, who is showing them a thing or two on how to operate a business, have a booming ecoomy & also operate an effective spy operation into the enemies’ plots – ALL AT THE SAME TIME & STAY FOCUSED ON THE MAJOR TASK OF TAKING THE ENEMY DOWN!

  6. The left lie. It’s that simple. They flip, they flop, they lie, steal and cheat. If you vote for a leftie you are voting for a liar that will not keep promises, they won’t even try to. They will do what their Globalist DS overloads tell them to do. BTW, Harris is the lefts chosen one, just like Clinton. I’ll be amazed if she doesn’t get the nomination.

  7. Why haven’t these Donkey Party nitwits mentioned the fact Medicare for All will take 90% of the Federal budget; leaving just 10% for defense, etc.? [Sorry if I revealed something we weren’t supposed to know.]

    Maybe the US will follow Finland’s Socialism plan for medical care – exactly like the Medicare for All – which just recently bankrupted the Country.

  8. Typical demonRAT supports a bill that she didn’t read a single word of it and, like Piglosi, wants it passed to find out what’s in it.

  9. Did she just change her mind, or is this because of the Elderly Lady at the nursing home who told her that she should not mess with Medicare? That will teach her not to mess with us older folks. We can’t be heard when we try to tell our representatives, but face to face we will let them know whether there is a camera on us or not.

  10. Democrats talk out of both sides of their mouths. They go whichever way the wind blows. They change their standards more times than they change their underwear.

    1. No, Democrats, especially their politicians, don’t think. They simply have knee jerk reactions to what ever sounds good at the time. ‘Free’ give me some of that!’ They NEVER once think about how to pay for all of that free stuff. That is why they flip flop around so much and depend on others not to notice.

    2. How can you tell Harris is lying? Her lips are moving and her voice is heard.

  11. The worst part is not that Harris is a liar and hypocrite. It’s that the toney, wealthy Hamptons crowd bought it, didn’t toss her out on her ear, and did not demand their money back.

    But they were already donors and drank the Kool-Aid.

    1. It’s the product of the constant indoctrination from the media, no different than the story of the Emperor’s clothes.

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