Harry Reid Backs Executive Orders From Democratic Presidents: ‘There’s a Lot That Can Be Done Legally’

Harry Reid
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is backing executive order from Democratic presidents, saying that “a lot” can be accomplished by them “legally.”

The claim came as Reid spoke to reporters about climate change issues during a conference call on Wednesday, where he said that the country needs “a Democratic president for a number of reasons.”

“We’ve learned over the last few years from trying to govern the country by executive order that there’s a lot that can be done legally with [an] executive order,” said the Nevada Democrat, referencing President Donald Trump.

“Only the Democratic president can get that done,” added Reid.

Reid said that he would rather have policy be done through the legislative branch of our government, which he added that he was “look[ing] forward” to seeing “wonderful things happening” should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) stay at the top of the lower chamber and the Democrats take back the Senate in 2020.

The Heritage Foundation describes executive orders as a power of the presidency that allows the sitting Commander-in-Chief “to work their will” through their office. Congress and federal courts have the authority to shoot down any executive order that they deem outside the realm of presidential power.

Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt holds the record for the most executive orders issued, with at 3,721 measures enacted. His uncle, former President Theodore Roosevelt issued 1,081 executive orders, and former President Woodrow Wilson issued 1,803 orders during his presidency.

According to the Office of the Federal Register, since taking office, Trump has issued 121 executive orders such as placing more sanctions on the North Korean government and establishing the President’s National Council for the American Worker.

Conversely, former President Barack Obama issued 276 executive orders while in office, and former President George W. Bush issued 291.

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Wayne Hughes

I really throught Obama could not get anything throught so he issued so many dumb Ex orders that only most of his stuff got through with hi Democrats congress


Harry?? I thought you went back to being a mob lawyer! Are you making an appearance in public in between getting black eyes from the clients you pissed off???





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