Heitkamp’s New Campaign Ad Reveals She Opposed Kavanaugh Because He Was ‘Too Biased to Be Impartial’


Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) doubled down on her opposition vote against the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in her latest campaign ad.

In her ad, Heitkamp explains to voters “exactly why [she] voted against Judge Kavanaugh.”


“Honestly I don’t think [Judge Kavanagh] told the truth. And even if he did, he showed himself to be too biased to be impartial,” said Heitkamp.

Many found the claim that Kavanaugh was “too biased” to be ridiculous.

Heitkamp reminded voters that she did support the nomination of conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, along with Democrat Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Joe Donnelly (D- Ind.), however, she could not extend the same vote for Kavanaugh.

“I voted for Neil Gorsuch so I know there are many other conservative judges who can fill this job without tearing our country apart,” stated Heitkamp.

Heitkamp concluded her ad by saying, “I believe a senator has to put politics aside and do what’s right for our country.”

While the senator may think her vote is what was right for the country, it doesn’t look as though the people of North Dakota agree.

Heitkamp’s polling number took a nosedive throughout the approval process for Justice Kavanaugh. Polling numbers from June showed her opponent Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) up only four points, within the margin of error.

Now, however, the senator trails Cramer by 12 points according to a recent Fox News poll. 

Heitkamp is not the only Democrat who might be concerned about how a vote against Kavanaugh could impact their odds in the 2018 midterm elections.

Recent polls show that the enthusiasm gap for potential voters has vanished. Prior to the Kavanaugh hearing, Democrats led Republicans in voter enthusiasm by ten points, leading many to believe that this issue is one that could follow Democrats through to November.

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  1. By singling out ONLY her perceptions of Kavanaugh’s “untruth” she reveals her own bias.

    What lame and implausible excuse-making on what I hope is her way out of office.

  2. Ya know, Screw, it’s too bad that she sounds like an old t-shirt joke, “I don’t think before I open my mouth, I like to be just as surprised as everyone else at what comes out.” It’s too bad because it is no longer a joke about not thinking before you speak and the dims NEVER hear what actually comes out of their mouths.

  3. The National debt, even without curtailing crippling entitlement spending will hurt this Nation for Decades to come if not addressed. Looked it up. North Dakota population 1.7 million, so accounting for Criminals, meth heads, Children & the Geriatric, less than a million adults of voting age & eligability. Long felt it was wise to have a North & South Dakota in case of emergency. With the Fracking revenue, Airport rescources, Coal & other minerals, Quite certain President Trump will be able to negotiate sale or 99 year lease of North Dakota to the Chinese. Begin relocating those residents , & perhaps even allow them to homestead in the tens of thousands of abbandoned properties in Detroit, or set up an enclave with walls & border security within Chicago. We will no longer need a Senator, or Congressmen for the former state of North Dakota. Oh, maybe Mz. Heitkamp can apply for a job at one of the factory outlet stores on the new border. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

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