Here are All 35 Things Hillary Clinton Told the FBI She Could Not Remember

Hillary Clinton told the FBI in her interview that “she could not recall” or “did not recall” answers to the government agency’s questions 35 separate times.

The FBI’s notes, heavily redacted, were released to the public on the Friday before Labor Day weekend. As reported by Heat Street, here are all the things that Mrs. Clinton said she could not recall:

  1. Receiving her security clearance and if she retained it while at the State Dept.
  2. Training on security procedures while at the State Dept.
  3. The process of designating a target for drone strikes
  4. How data on her BlackBerry(s) were destroyed (FBI discovered 13 BlackBerry devices, several destroyed with a hammer)
  5. Secure cell phone usage with staff
  6. Emails about sending classified info on unsecured communication channels
  7. Conversations about setting up her private email account
  8. Email policies in the Foreign Affairs manual
  9. The reason her request for a BlackBerry from the State Dept. was denied
  10. The names of the aides who had access to her BlackBerry and email accounts
  11. The procedure for deleting her emails
  12. Emails about her storage limits
  13. Offers for aides to obtain accounts besides Huma Abedin
  14. The compromise of aides’ Gmail accounts
  15. A cable about Bryan Paglio’s upgrade of her private email server
  16. Her use of an iPad mini
  17. Specific email a
  18. Specific email b
  19. Specific email c
  20. Specific email d
  21. Specific email e
  22. Specific email f
  23. Specific email g
  24. Specific email h
  25. Specific email i
  26. Regarding Jacob Sullivan’s use of Gmail account
  27. State Dept. policy on confirming classified information in news reports
  28. Regarding the receipt of a secure fax
  29. Regarding FOIA requests for her email usage
  30. Further access of her private email
  31. Specific information about her security clearance
  32. The archiving of her emails
  33. Her legal team’s separation of her private and work emails
  34. Conversations about federal records keeping regulations
  35. The content of State Dept. briefings following her concussion in 2012

One of her excuses for her poor memory was a “concussion” that she sustained. As reported by NBC, Mrs. Clinton stated she could not recall the details of briefings that she attended due to a concussion she sustained after a fainting spell in 2012.

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