9 Celebrities Who Refuse to Use Vulgar Language

Pretty much every celebrity uses cuss words, right?

Not quite, there are some that have taken a stand against crass language.

Here are 9 celebrities who don’t rely on foul words in order to get their point across.

Will Smith

Image Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter

Before becoming a movie star, Will Smith was a successful rapper who never cussed in his records. He has stated that he simply didn’t need to.

Clint Eastwood

Image Credit: Getty / Kevin Winter

In an interview with “Inside the Actor’s Studio,” legendary icon Clint Eastwood told host James Lipton that his favorite cuss word was “jamph,” a word he made up to make a point that cussing was beneath him.

Candace Cameron Bure

Image Credit: Getty / Jamie McCarthy

It was recently revealed that the “Full House” star doesn’t like foul language, particularly on the talk show she helps host, “The View.”

Jim Gaffigan

Image Credit: Getty / Jemal Countess

This iconic stand up comedian has made a long career out of remaining family friendly, sticking to bits about raising children and eating copious amounts of unhealthy food.


Image Credit: Getty / Frederick M. Brown

Rap’s biggest star may have built a career on cussing, but has actively¬†toned it down since his daughter, Blue Ivy, was born.

Justin Bieber

Image Credit: Getty / Jason Merritt

The openly Christian pop star has stated on numerous occasions that his songs will never have cuss words. It’s just something he is not into.

Jerry Seinfeld

Image Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin

Seinfeld rose to fame and became one of America’s most enduring comedians, along with starring in a classic sitcom. He did all of this while producing only clean material.

Taylor Swift

Image Credit: Getty / Jason Merritt

The world’s biggest pop star achieved fame without relying on profanity. She defended her decision in an essay she wrote on her personal blog.

Mike Rowe

Image Credit: Getty / Mandel Ngan

The “Dirty Jobs” host once said in a YouTube video that his mother taught him a valuable lesson, to cut down on using foul language.