This Hero Dog Just Became the Symbol of Texas Strength in the Face of the Hurricane — Here’s Why


Much of the Texas coastline has been rocked by Hurricane Harvey over the past few days.

The deadly hurricane has now caused six deaths in areas that are experiencing horrific flooding and gale force winds.

The destructive power of the hurricane has toppled businesses and ripped open homes. One of the homes that was temporarily broken by the hurricane was not because of structural damage but because of the loss of a family member.

Meet Otis, a German shepherd mix from Sinton, Texas:

Salvador Segovia/Houston Chronicle

Otis got free during the worst of the hurricane, and his heartbroken owner wandered the streets crying his name.

According to the Houston Chronicle:

A dog that accidentally got loose Friday night during Hurricane Harvey has become an unlikely symbol of Texas strength.

Otis, a German shepherd mix, got loose Friday night from a screened-in back porch in Sinton, Texas, while in the care of Salvador Segovia, 65. Segovia was watching the dog, who belongs to his 5-year-old grandson Carter who had fled the city due to flooding.

When Segovia went to check in on the dog Friday night, he was gone.

“I kept yelling his name and yelling his name and he wasn’t around,” Segovia told Saturday afternoon.

But sometimes even the darkest stories have happy endings. It turns out Otis was safe and looking for his owner the whole time. He even brought supplies to wait out the storm. One of Otis’s neighbors, Tiele Dockens, posted this photo of Otis, carrying his dog food up a rainy street.

This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying a entire bag of dog food with him. LOL #refugeePSA: Owner is found. He is not a stray he just got out on his street.Dogs name is Otis.

Posted by Tiele Dockens on Saturday, August 26, 2017

This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying a entire bag of dog food with him. LOL #refugee

PSA: Owner is found. He is not a stray he just got out on his street.
Dogs name is Otis.

The post has gone viral, having been shared 27,000 times at this posting. The Chronicle tells the happy story of Otis reuniting with his owner.

Segovia checked his porch Saturday morning and noticed Otis’ bag of dog food was missing. Segovia drove around his neighborhood looking for the pooch when he was flagged down by a neighbor who said they saw Otis walking around with the bag of food in his mouth.

Otis’s owner goes on to say that the brave dog will get a hamburger at Dairy Queen for dessert.

We are all Otis. Well done Texas, well done.

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