Hillary Busts Out the ‘Daughter Card’ in Latest Attack Ad Against The Donald

Ever stop to think about how many ‘cards’ the Democrats have in their collective pockets? There’s the ‘race card,’ the ‘woman card,’ the ‘rich card,’ the ‘poor card,’ and the ‘LGBTQ card,’ just to name a few of their favorites.

In Hillary’s latest attack ad, she busts out a new one: the ‘daughter card.’ The 30-second ad, titled “Mirrors,” features Donald Trump making disparaging comments about women.

At the end, the words “Is this the president we want for our daughters?” appear on the screen.

While many of Trump’s past comments about women are inexcusable, the question is, should they be a factor in determining the outcome of the election?

PJMedia hit the nail on the head:

According to Hillary Clinton, girls shouldn’t be worried about an effective economy, prevalent jobs, a good education, smart foreign affairs, lower taxes, immigration, or any of the other major issues facing our nation.

The main reason to dislike Donald Trump (only for girls) is that he has called women fat or ugly before.

Speaking of disparaging comments about women, Washington Free Beacon reported in March, 2015, that Hillary once referred to Monica Lewinski as “a narcissistic loon.”

She reportedly called Gennifer Flowers “trailer trash.” And physically threatened Juanita Broaddrick two weeks after Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton raped her.

Is Hillary the president we want for our daughters?

What do you think?

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