Hillary Begs Canada to ‘Bring Us Back to Our Senses’ While Claiming Country Should Serve as Model for US

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The second stop of their “An Evening With the Clintons” speaking tour was at another Canadian location, Montreal, where they touted the idea that Canada’s economy is superior to the United States’ and should be an “economic model” for the U.S.

The first tour stop for former President Bill Clinton and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was in Toronto on Tuesday. It didn’t sell out, and tickets had dropped down to $6, with only one-sixth of the seats filled. The night was filled with bashing President Donald Trump and Hillary claiming she’s “thinking about standing for parliament here in Canada.”

During their stop in Montreal on Wednesday, which was the Clintons’ second stop in a 13-city paid tour, Bill and Hillary expressed that Canada was the cure for the United States and President Donald Trump’s “authoritarian” and divisive politics, the Montreal Gazette reported.

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“Canada has done such a good job of both managing its contemporary diversity and it has a very interesting immigration system,” Bill said, according to the Gazette, which reported on the event at the Bell Centre.

“And yet it’s still Canada,” he added. “And I just think that you can model the idea that you can become more diverse and still keep your culture and your values. It’s really very good for a modern economy.”

The former president then added that the U.S. “will have to return to that if it expects to play a positive role in the future.”

“It’s going to be very bleak indeed if we all become more authoritarian and more homogenized and hunkered down on ourselves,” he said. “It would be a big mistake. We shouldn’t do it.”

Hillary claimed that Canada is the cure for the “authoritarian model” — clearly taking jabs toward the president without mentioning his name.

Then the former first lady said that the U.S. should follow the model Canada sets.

“I also really applaud the economic model,” Hillary said, pointing out Canada’s socialized health care while still “having one of the most dynamic economies for building the middle class of any place in the world.”

According to Hillary, Canada’s health care provides “a basic level of human support that everybody should have,” adding that “it should be a right, not a privilege.”

Statistics from the International Monetary Fund reveal that in 2017, the United States was actually No. 1 in gross domestic product (GDP) at over $19.3 trillion each year — Canada is No. 10 in rank at over $1.6 trillion annually.

Check out the world’s top 10 economies:

During the event, Hillary said that Canada has the same tendencies toward “resentment politics” and partisanship but that Canadians should “continue to fight against that and keep trying to bring the country together around common goals while maintaining your separate identities … seems to me to be the model that people are going to wake up and look for again.”

She then said that she’s looking to Canada to “bring us back to our senses.”

As the Gazette reported, most of the Clintons’ discussions were about less controversial topics and more on motherly roles and what the couple likes most about one another — the tickets didn’t sell out but sold for more than the Toronto event, as they ranged from $68.75 to $443.75.

It’s not clear what the goal is of the Clintons’ speaking tour, but it comes less than two weeks after the airing of “The Clinton Affair” docuseries in which Monica Lewinsky opened up about her affair with the former president while he was in office and how it led to “slow emotional unraveling” and “guilt.”

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Periodically amoeba emerge from intestinal linings and create bizarre symptoms, especially acute when an attempt to politically acid wash the alimentary canal is made; nasty contraindications follow. Sadly, parasites do not go away on their own. The Clintons have now elevated to “superbug” classification; countermanding will require the strongest antibiotic known to mankind and it’ll have to be administered in Canada as well.

Rocky Drummond

Hillary claiming she’s “thinking about standing for parliament here in Canada.”

Yeah, right. Try it and see how that flies. Canadians are smarter than she thinks they are.


In numbers: as of 2017, Canada 35,623,680 people. US 326,625,791. Demographically, most of them crowd the border to take economic advantage. We not only have a much larger population, but greater diversity (there’s that magic word), but a different political system. Canada’s economy is also much smaller.

If the Clintons and their fans want Canada so much then they ought to prove their integrity by moving there, if they meet the immigration requirements.


Seems to me she needs to move to Canada, along with the rest of our celebrities who said they would

Madison Dibble

A lot of celebrities did say they wanted to go to Canada after President Trump was elected so it kind of makes sense.





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