Hillary Clinton Fights Back Over ‘Rigged’ Election Claims: Trump’s ‘Afraid to Lose’

Donald Trump has been firing off claims that though the November election is still weeks away, it’s already “rigged.”

From bringing up the media’s favoritism of Hillary Clinton, to calling on his followers to watch for any unusual suspects at the polls, to decrying a “smear campaign” brought on this month after a leaked tape showed him saying some lewd comments about women — Trump has no problem telling his followers that the establishment is out to get him.

And early Saturday morning, Trump fired off a tweetstorm to air his grievances:

Now, the Clinton campaign has formally responded to Trump’s claims that it’s a rigged election.

The campaign said in a statement:

Campaigns should be hard-fought and elections hard-won, but what is fundamental about the American electoral system is that it is free, fair and open to the people. Participation in the system — and particularly voting — should be encouraged, not dismissed or undermined because a candidate is afraid he’s going to lose. This election will have record turnout, because voters see through Donald Trump’s shameful attempts to undermine an election weeks before it happens.

Hours after the Clinton campaign released its statement, Trump stuck to his claims and told a Bangor, ME, crowd: “It’s all a big, beautiful fraud.”

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