Hillary Clinton Wants People to Focus on Local Elections Because of ‘Right-Wing Majority’ SCOTUS

Hillary Clinton
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In a new Twitter thread, former 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton explained to her followers why it is important to vote in local elections as well as the national elections in the upcoming midterms.

Clinton said because the Supreme Court is now a “right-wing majority,” there is hope that “state legislatures with Democratic majorities” can help protect the rights of those under attack from the federal level:

“Winning back state legislatures is also important in this last election before the 2020 Census,” she continued. “State legislatures redraw congressional districts every 10 years based on those numbers, and Democratic legislative majorities can shut down gerrymandering that disenfranchises voters.”

“Whatever you choose to do, do something. With only two weeks before the election, we don’t have a moment to lose,” she concluded.

Many Democrats have embraced the practice of federalism since Donald Trump was elected to the presidency, with Clinton being the latest to espouse the importance of federalism.

David Davenport of the Washington Examiner pointed to how blue states have been reacting to Trump’s policies:

The federalism tug of war has encompassed a number of issues in Trump’s first year. California famously announced its own climate change and environmental policies when Trump pulled out of the Paris accords. State attorneys general challenged Trump’s travel ban. States are now suing over the tax reform limitation on the deductibility of state and local taxes, based on the theory that it violates the equal protection rights of more expensive blue state residents.

“In fact, by the end of Trump’s first year, Democratic states had brought 35 lawsuits against his administration, compared with 46 lawsuits by Republican states in President Barack Obama’s eight-year term,” he added. “The federalism tug of war is spreading.”

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I. Chin

Hillary, under Obozo 1200-1800 state offices were lost to the Dims. This includes governorships, state legislatures, etc.

Look at the blue/red map you ignorant cow. Local Dim wins mean Blue states get bluer, which still means bupkus on a national scale and in electoral terms. Please recall that YOU lost the electoral votes.

I. Chin

It’s a shame that the “travel ban” cannot be lifted. It allows immigration from known terrorist hotbeds.

IT SHOULD BE ALLOWED and the immigrants settled in places like DC, Chappaqua, and the home areas of those supporting it. Put up or shut up Lefties! The same goes for uneducated, low-employable immigrants. You want them? Then YOU put them up. Where do you think your nannies, domestics, and gardeners come from?

YOU support them on your tax base.


No matter how much I agree with her, she is just the worst person to deliver the message to the Democrat party.

Just. Go. Away. You cannot unite the Democrats and therefore are useless to future elections. Find a new hobby please.


Hillary and Pelosi should have a ‘face off’ to see who can make the weirdest facial expression. If you tied their hands down, neither of them could form a complete sentence.


“. . . state and local taxes, based on the theory that it violates the equal protection rights of more expensive blue state residents.” Uh Hitlery, why is it more expensive to live in a “blue” state? Could it be things like Medicaid expansion, supporting illegal aliens, and all the other socialist programs that you and the rest of the demoncraps want to impose on the entire country?


Tom, PLEASE QUIT asking the tough questions that NEED to be asked. You keep doing this and hilliarly’s head will explode and I will lose the second best source of comic relief I have in my life, next to insipid’s comments right here.

I. Chin

Tom, there’s this thing called “pre-emption”, despite state’s rights. q.v. the 10th amendment.

Things like states declaring themselves “sanctuaries” and legalizing marijuana (medical and recreational) are clear issues where federal pre-emption holds sway are just two examples. (full disclosure: I live in OR where marijuana use is legal BUT do not try flying or crossing the border with any).

Unfortunately there are exceptions (double-standards?) to pre-emption. q.v. gun laws. I can drive in CA, but not carry concealed, though states with reciprocity allow me to do so (onerous FAA regs aside). Thanks previous liberal-dominated SC rulings.

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