Hillary Clinton Praises Nancy Pelosi: ‘It Often Takes a Woman to Get the Job Done’

Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton
Chip Somodevilla, Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a shoutout in a video for a women’s conference that celebrated women’s achievement.

In a video for the MAKERS conference, Clinton spoke about accepting the women’s movement through not only politics but civic action.

“More than any other point in my life, women are coming together to tackle big problems are rewrite old rules and I am energized and encouraged by the diverse group of women everywhere that are speaking out,” she said. “Speaking out against inequality and bigotry and racism and homophobia and who are organizing to create change in their communities and our country, refusing to give in to cynicism or fear.”

Pelosi was the first woman in history to become speaker of the house. Clinton became the first woman in history to be nominated for president for a major political party in 2016. Since her loss to President Donald Trump, the number of women running for public office dramatically increased and resulted in the largest amount of women in Congress in United States history.

“You know, the title wave of women and young people running for office is helping to build an America that’s not only kinder, fairer, bigger-hearted, but safer, stronger and more secure,” Clinton continued. 

“And as Speaker Nancy Pelosi — doesn’t that sound great? — has proved yet again, it often takes a woman to get the job done.”

Clinton went on to state that pursuing equal rights for women and girls around the world is “the unfinished business of the 21st century.”

Pelosi and Clinton have long supported each other in their respective political careers. Pelosi was a firm advocate for the former secretary of state and first lady in the 2016 election.

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Just WHAT has pelosi gotten done?


Hillary who?


Eh, part of me is just groaning and wishing they could just tone down the “We are women, hear us roar” type stuff.

The other part realizes that they are both so freaking old that they grew up in a time this wasn’t normal and is worth cheering for.

So be happy, but more importantly, get some work done to prove you’re there for a reason other than your gender.

Mary Hoberg

they act like bullies and give them the same punishment bullies in school get an they are a bad example for future generations they harass a president beyond belief

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