Hillary Clinton Reads Part of the Mueller Report, Including Trump’s ‘I’m F**ked’ Quote

Hillary Clinton reads Mueller report

Mocking the president’s voice, Hillary Clinton read aloud the portion the Mueller report that revealed President Donald Trump‘s initial reaction to the appointment of a special counsel: “‘This is the end of my presidency. I’m f**ked.”’

Clinton’s brief reading of portions of the Mueller report was part of bit for former Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper’s new Comedy Central show.

The former secretary of state and comedian were joined by former President Bill Clinton while sifting through crowdsourcing website GoFundMe to find causes to contribute to, one of them being an audiobook of the Mueller report read by Clinton herself.

“Gosh, I would definitely contribute to that,” Clinton joked. “It would take a long time to record that.”

Clinton proceeded to read aloud two portions of the report, one that summarized Russian interest in the 2016 campaign, and the other Trump’s reaction to the special counsel being appointed.

Watch the video below:

The Clintons also took a shot at Attorney General William Barr after stumbling across a GoFundMe request for money for law school.

“What the attorney general said about [the Mueller report] is not true,” Bill stated. “He misrepresented it.”

“He should go to law school,” Hillary said of Barr. “Maybe we should send him to law school?”

In a more serious setting, Clinton revealed her more in-depth thoughts on the Mueller report. She wrote an op-ed for the Washinton Post published last week where she said the report revealed a “serious crime” that was committed by the Russians.

However, Clinton said there’s more to be done before Congress or anyone else can reach a decision of whether they should impeach the president or do nothing.

“Congress should hold substantive hearings that build on the Mueller report and fill in its gaps, not jump straight to an up-or-down vote on impeachment,” she wrote.


  1. Of course Hillary would be looking for all the filthy words in order to increase her own filthy vocabulary. She’s unfit and unqualified to be in the same category with “women” everywhere.

  2. Can’t wait until she gets investigated.
    This anti American, greedy beotch, belongs in jail.

    1. For what crime? We don’t consider our political opponents criminals. THAT would be anti-American.

      1. The number of crimes crooked Hillary committed are way too numerous to mention here. I recommended to you previously that you subscribe to the Judicial Watch site and keep in touch with (REAL facts) their investigations of her radicalized, criminal activities over the past 40+ years.

    2. Judicial Watch has been on her case since Arkansas. They have a number of FOIA requests and law suits in play. She WILL be going down – finally!

    3. She is made of Teflon, nothing sticks to her.

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