Hillary Clinton Slams Trump: ‘He Knows He’s an Illegitimate President’

Hillary Clinton

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has mostly been out of the public eye since she lost to President Donald Trump in 2016, but she returned to the news cycle last week with a string of appearances on the talk and late-night show circuit.

Speaking to a crowd on Monday, Clinton said, “Trump knows he’s an illegitimate president.”

The former presidential candidate was speaking about Trump’s phone call with the president of Ukraine, in which he asked the leader to dig up dirt on Joe Biden. Clinton likened Trump’s request of the Ukrainians to his request during the 2016 election season — the time that he famously spouted “Russia if you’re listening” and asked the Russians to dig up Clinton’s emails.

Clinton said, “In the 2016 election, Trump basically said ‘Russia if you’re listening, you will be richly rewarded if you can find Hillary Clinton’s emails.’ And it was all out in the open and, of course, we know the Russians hacked the DNC, hacked my campaign. So now, it’s also in the open.”

Here’s a clip of her remarks:

Clinton’s recent public showings have largely focused around criticism of Trump. During one recent appearance on “CBS Sunday Morning,” Clinton said that losing to Trump was like “losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

The smear tactics that Trump is trying to use on Joe Biden — accusing the former vice president of corruption based on a string of flimsy conspiracy theories — are almost identical to the playbook that he used with Hillary Clinton.

The president has seemed entirely focused over the past few weeks on declaring that he is simply trying to root out corruption. He insists that the phone call in which he asked the Ukrainian president for dirt on Biden was perfectly routine and that Democrats investigating his calls and dealings are only head-hungry politicians.


  1. Hmmm, if the tables were turned and she had won the electoral but not the popular vote would she willingly admit she was an illegitimate President. No answer needed, we all know it would never even be brought up. She has no class.

  2. LOL…NOT ONE IJR poster can defend the statement that losing to Trump was “like losing to a corrupt human tornado”!!!

    1. I certainly can. She’s a narcissist and they often deflect on others what they themselves are. Corrupt human tornado fits her well.

  3. Ugh… go away lady. Find a hobby outside of politics…

  4. I really hope she runs again. BWAHAHA! She’s a sore loser (like the rest of the Dims) and seeks to “de-legitimize” the results of a three-year old election. Living in the past, Hillary? The rest of your party obviously is doing so.

    She lost. Her party picked a loser. She insulted at least half of the voters in this country and CONTINUES to do so with statements like this.

    She lost twice. She’s not confused. She’s Einstein’s definition of insanity.

    1. LOL…..have you missed Rudy’s work to blame Ukraine for interference in the 2016 election?? It is one of Rudy’s latest conspiracies. So, Clinton is not the only one that can’t let go of Russian interference evidence. ALSO, I am not following your math on the “She insulted at least half of the voters in this country….” Trump received 46.1% of the vote. “At least half” would be GREATER than 50%. 53.9% of 2016 voters cast ballots for someone OTHER than TRUMP.

      1. She insulted more than half by running as the flawed Democratic candidate and losing to a reality TV star and businessman. Ask any of the disappointed 53.9%. I didn’t vote FOR Trump, I voted against the corrupt woman who insulted more than half of America over and over again. Read (as you’re so fond of telling others) some of the books about her, she’s always been corrupt.

  5. She’ll do anything to be President. Perhaps weigh in as Bernie or Warren’s VP. How long can a 78 year old with heart problems last? Warren might be a little trickier to get rid of but Hillary has lots of experience there. She’s not done yet. Think back to previous elections, did the loser make the talk show circuits, write a book, more late night shows? She’s clearly not done with politics and that is scary.

    1. In order to run for president, one would be hiring staff and lining up donors. Do you have evidence that she is doing so? John McCain lost the 2008 election & Al Gore lost the 2000 election AND BOTH continued to write books, take trips abroad, and visit the talk shows. THEY DID NOT EVER RUN AGAIN. WHY do you elect to fear something that won’t occur? YOU seriously can not find any reasonable fear to fret? You must lead a very charmed life.

      1. I do live a charmed life, thank you Phyllis. Hawaii is beautiful. Except we are the closest for a NK missile strike. As for my post you missed that I said VP. Those aren’t announced until much later. She has staff constantly. As for media, no, Al Gore and John McCain did not receive the media attention she gets. McCain was still a Senator, and Gore was on the climate change circuit. She’s on the “poor me I got the popular vote, he’s an illegitimate president” circuit. Three years later! Enough is enough.

  6. Haha.
    He knows he is illegitimate?
    He won the election and some folks still can’t believe it. 3 years later.
    Come on H and her peeps- enough is enough. H has come up with so many “excuses” why she lost. SHE is the reason she lost. I would think that a “woke” population would know that.
    No personal responsibility- that is the lefts mantra.

    We need to get back to personal responsibility. Then we can have honest conversations but until then all you have is entitled people who aren’t entitled to anything

    1. She even got a book deal out of it. How many losers did that?

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