Hillary Clinton Supports an FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Allegations: It Won't Be 'Lengthy'

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton weighed in on the allegations surfaced against Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the eleventh hour. Clinton told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow that she supports an FBI investigation, saying it is a reasonable request from the accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. “As someone who has watched this process unfold over many years, there does have to be some direction given to the FBI to pursue an investigation,” Clinton said. She added how she thinks the investigation wouldn’t take a long time to conduct. “I don’t think it would be a lengthy investigation,” she continued. “I think it could be done in an expeditious manner if they’re still trying to have a vote on this nominee, they could postpone for two weeks.”

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Clinton further said there could be an appearance of insult to Ford if an investigation is not done. A Justice Department spokesperson has already released a statement saying the FBI will not be conducting an investigation into Ford’s allegations because they do not involve a federal crime:

“The FBI does not make any judgment about the credibility or significance of any allegation. The purpose of a background investigation is to determine whether the nominee could pose a risk to the national security of the United States. The allegation does not involve any potential federal crime. The FBI’s role in such matters is to provide information for the use of the decision makers.”

Before the allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against Kavanaugh, Clinton had already expressed he was too dangerous for women’s rights and working-class people. She urged her Twitter followers to call their senators to oppose his nomination.

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